Does anybody have any resources on a Mario universe DnD setting worldbook? I'm very interested if such resources exist

There is something exceedingly interesting about playing DnD in the Mario universe

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Ok like, crazy thought, who would be down to actually make characters and play in such a campaign?

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I feel like it's the perfect setting too because it has the potential to get really gritty, gruesome, emotional, serious, and political all while being cartoonishly hilarious

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@starwall oh, no, it's beautiful. there's nothing more satisfying that destroying the Baby Star and ending its reign of infant terror

@starwall this post sounds horrifying to anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about

@SanfordianPhil I'm really excited to just start statting every conceivable Mario creature

@starwall only dialogue options are "woo!", "woo-hoo!", "lets-a-go!", and "oh yeah! mario time!"

@starwall I'd give it a go maybe? Can you tell me a bit more about the Marioverse?

@RedFuture the best part about it is how self contradictory it is, so whatever I cook up for a world can kinda just pick and choose from various settings, but the overall themes and species generally stay the same

@starwall damn if its styled after one of the various mario rpg universes it might be pretty good

@ItsMorgan I think like yeah it would have to be, I'm sure I could whip up an actually enjoyable campaign. I might need to remake the magic system though

@starwall oh absolutely. and like, the mario rpg i remember the most is legend of the seven stars, and that one had some absolutely buckwild stuff that imo would fit pretty well in an rpg campaign

@starwall like there's frog people and cloud people and like. what the hell is all that. hell yes

@starwall @ItsMorgan oh hm I would actually be really interested in something approaching a full fledged HP/FP/BP stat system, I guess replacing class features with badge buys...

@starwall @ItsMorgan There are a few ways to do it: go whole hog reassignable and equipment gated abilities like in classic paper mario that you just get to use more of at once at higher levels, flat reflavoring to turn class abilities into appropriate badge procs, or maybe something in between that would let you multiclass heavily between different progression paths or switch subclasses at a long rest or something...

@starwall @ItsMorgan I wish I had the resources to write stuff up properly rn

@starwall @ItsMorgan though PM actually seems really fun to convert as far as digital RPGs go, considering the almost tabletop-ready paradigm of coarse stats and simple damage mechanics

@starwall @ItsMorgan it would be really cool to go beyond the RPGs, though, because we already know what Nintendo thinks "Mario but as an rpg" looks like, within the design space of video games. How do you really fuck with all the wonderful tools the series has to offer? What happens if you dangle a bob-omb on a rope through a castle painting? What's the stat block for a penguin suit? What if Rosalina had 16 levels in artificer and a hand cannon?

@starwall play shadowrun in the 1993 mario bros movie setting

@starwall in all seriousness, yeah, there's a lot of genuinely fun things that could be brought over, that'd be rad to play in. The mechanics of a player character Bomb-Omb or Boo are FASCINATING for me to think about

@Swiff @starwall Bob-Omb: the Catharsis, a gothic-punk World of Mario game about the fleeting nature of time, finding meaning in existence and the dark weight of terrible Purpose that is both one's fulfilment and destruction,

@starwall I wonder if playing a Thwomp would be that different from when I played a barbarian...

@toroidal I'm gonna have to homebrew up a lot of stuff first but I'll keep you notified

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