Thinking about how familial, inherited land-wealth is a thing that never went away throughout every transition away from feudalism, and how it remains still as the primary method by which the landed bougoise class stores their accumulated wealth

In order to ensure that everybody has a home, doesn't it make sense to not have a sort of situation where one person owns more than one house in the first place? Private land as an idea sucks ass, I'd much prefer a situation where everybody is guaranteed dignified living conditions where nobody in particular owned the land

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You hear plenty of stories about friendly, helpful landlords, but are those landlords ever friendly enough to just *give* you the property? Like, as a gift? Because they've realized just how wicked a thing it is to ask 2/3rds of a poor family's income for a decade or more for no other reason than because they can?

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Land ownership itself, as a concept, sucks. Ideally, local communities would have final say on what happens on the land on which they reside, and those communities would organize with others such that they all come to a consensus on things that need to be addressed globally, and of course there would be the need for experts in social and environmental impact analysis for any proposed project, but like nowhere in this system does any individual person own anything other than what they need. Luxuries, complicated scientific or construction equipment, roads, schools, land itself would be shared. You would have a home, everybody needs a home, everybody gets a home.

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The vast majority of wealth is tied up in an extremely small number of billionaires, yes, but this does not excuse landlords from being the leeches they are

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@starwall people will say black people don’t need reparations because they were never slaves but also pass down the same cottage on nantucket for 6 generations

@JohnBrownJr @starwall Author's note: the cottage is actually 5000 square feet and features 4 bathrooms.

@ari @starwall well there have been many modifications, additions, and renovations over the years, of course

@JohnBrownJr @ari funny how that land just keeps getting more *valuable* too as the neighborhood gets gentrified and poor people are forced into crumbier, ex-industrial neighborhoods by economic forces

@starwall @JohnBrownJr That's just a coincidence though. Can't you see how the ex-industrial neighborhoods are getting more valuable now too???

@starwall @JohnBrownJr Look at all the money that new property value is making for landlords.

@starwall @ari and it’s a crazy coincidence that all these expensive homes also just happen to be in a great school district!

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