if you make law complicated and nonsensical enough, the only people who are able to understand it will be people who have spent thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on understanding it, and by that point the only people who are in control of the law will be the people wealthy enough to hire those law specialists. by these methods, the law is made to work for and only for, the rich. white collar crimes are punished (if punished) by fines which are negligible for rich people. The rule of law exists now for and only for the rich and landed class of this nation.

It's frankly not difficult at all to imagine an alternative system, horizontally organized by workers and communities, which can provide justice, security, ensure equality, and all the other functions that law is supposed to provide. In order to establish such a system, the old and all of its institutions needs to go entirely. It is fundamentally incompatible with its own supposed aims.


you weren't taught how to do your taxes in school because there is a powerful lobby of companies in this country such as Turbotax that are dedicated to keeping taxes as complicated and inaccessible as possible. Not only is this information kept as byzantine as possible, navigation of that byzantine network is purposely kept behind yet another paywall.

most people, in fact the vast majority of people, have *no idea* what the actual laws are in this country, and it's not entirely because we live in a big complicated technological society, it's because we want to keep well paying jobs out of the hands of people who can't afford the upfront cost of getting a business degree or other such garbage.

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Sometimes I think about how the state of Oregon mandates that gas stations must employ someone to stand around and pump people's gas. A simple task, but one that sometimes needs to be done in frigid, potentially life threatening conditions if done for long enough without breaks. A task which, in most other states, anybody can do with very little instruction.

The reason Oregon does this is to "create jobs". low paying, useless, busywork. Stuff to keep us turning the pedals on this bike without wheels and think we're going somewhere. MOST service jobs are totally unnecessary busywork. The VAST majority of the working class is kept busy, busy working extremely long workweeks, busy working vapid, meaningless jobs for SCRAPS and they are told that THIS is "opportunity."

And when there IS work that needs doing, cleaning up hazardous waste, or fighting some old racist's oil war, it is us, the working class that must do that too.

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Coronavirus has proven one thing to be true still in America: We do not need the Rich, and they still need us. Capitalism is coming to a screeching halt, the engine is puttering and failing. This is NOT primarily a political party's fault, nor the fault of a single person. This is the death throes of an unsustainable system based on the unilateral exploitation of the Earth and all of her Peoples. The police continue to kidnap and shoot us, the border patrol continues to put up their walls, the private and government prisons continue to fill up with political prisoners, but we remain. We cannot be silenced. We will not be stopped.

The capitalists are destined to fail, their losing ideology built a nation which is crumbling around them though our righteous anger and their own hateblinded ineptitude.

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@starwall It's like the song says: They need us to drive their trucks, they need us to shine their crowns, they need us to be the cops who beat our comrades down.


@starwall Ain't it just? :blobyeengrin:

I'm also fond of these by her:
"Spoiled Brats of the Ruling Class" youtube.com/watch?v=o0U74DAxmk

"We Just Come to Work Here" youtube.com/watch?v=dPHZ_C_5x6

"The Corporate Welfare Song" youtube.com/watch?v=c-uvaLlwge

@LexYeen gonna be listening to all these tonight, something to get my mood back up

@starwall Basically anything Anne Feeney's recorded is worth giving a shot. 👍

@starwall i have to take a business class for my computer sciencce degree next semester

and i mean NEXT semester

FALL semester

i have to have capitalism shoved down my throat WHILE its dying in the fall

Gods help me hold my tongue so i can pass this class

@starwall i also took this same class before and failed it so


@starwall go off king

Want to add, they will sell us the rope with which we will hang then ☑️

@starwall Err, no, it has nothing to do with jobs. The DEQ bans it because improper dispensing tends to cause spills, which at self service stations, rarely get properly contained and cleaned before it evaporates as air pollution or ends up in a drain as water pollution. The state fire marshall also bans it because when it was legal, there have been catastrophic fires that were barely contained, and the region is extremely prone to fire.

@starwall Additionally, station owners mostly don't want to change it because of the insurance savings more than make up for having to hire an additional attendant. And this gets reflected in the pump prices. Minimum service islands nationally average 15¢/gal cheaper than nearby self service stations. A lot of the busiest gas stations in neighboring states on the border are minimum service to stay cost competitive.

@starwall Now, the reason full service costs about 25¢/gal more than minimum service is because they're also checking tires and fluids and topping those off if you're low at no additional charge. The only place I know of where this isn't true is New Jersey, where most stations advertise full service, and charge full service prices, then only provide minimum service.

@starwall when I moved to Oregon I was told that the gas thing got started after someone (or maybe someones) used access to the gas pump to set themselves on fire, and that it only continues out of inertia

@starwall More worker protection and rights and relegating tax calculation to your employer and you don't need to learn how to do taxes.

I have never had to calculate anything because pretty much every responsible institution does that for me.

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