not a day goes by that I don't ritualistically bring curses down upon the Dutch


isn't it cool how the Dutch are still doing soft colonialism via Dutch Shell Oil company's influence being embedded into the Nigerian government to this very day

ah yes, because soft colonialism worked out so well for the British in Iran

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@starwall shit ain't even clandestine. everybody jokes about coups, military interventionism, invasions, influence in post colonial states and all that shit around oil like all the time

@CornishRepublicanArmy I can't even blame oil, in its entirety either. it's other raw resources too. but mostly oil. ain't that curious, how climate change and racist imperialism really are just packaged up with a neat little bow and shipped to our doors in a box labeled "the problem is global capitalism"

@starwall cobalt from the DRC, the coup to open lithium mining in Bolivia by putting christian fascists in power, the decade old point about how invading Iraq and Afghanistan was about oil. you can just list this shit so fast because of how common place it is

@starwall slow down, I'm still reeling from what we did with A) the spice marines in 1600s+ etc and B) re-conquering indonesia *immediately* after WWII

@starwall yeahhh this is one of the first like things of western neo colonialism I ever learned about and how fucked up it was, from a flash game of all things

@starwall Ken Saro-Wiwa remains unavenged to this very day.

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