I've been compelled to make a full blown fediverse conversion mod for Stellaris, and I don't know what it is that's compelling me, but I will not stop until it is complete. I want as many instances represented as possible, @ me your ideas.

this will be the highest effort shitpost of my entire fediverse career

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it is slowly dawning on me that this mod will take weeks of work. maybe even months. However, I have the rest of quarantine to go, this is my job now.

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so far I've got
- a mastodon logo for .social
- :knzk:
- a snout (for snouts.online)
- the yiff.life hex
- the goat of hellsite.site
- the radtown :lazer_R:
- pawprint for whomst.dog
- selontheweb as representative symbol of godforsaken.website
- a mate gourd for myasstodon
- an efdn.club logo

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I need more symbols! @ me a symbol if your instance isn't yet represented and I'll get it in there

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emojis work well for this, so if your instance has an emoji you think represents it, do @ me it

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note to self: change the language file such that the "Leave Federation" button says "Defederate" instead

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can't really think of any traits for mastodon.socialites besides repugnant.

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I take that back. I went for Fleeting, Nomadic, and Rapid Breeders

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if I had a dataset of fursona names I could make a namelist

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If I was REALLY talented, I could make Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit into respective endgame crisis

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Reddit would be the scourge, for obvious reasons. and Twitter would be the robot uprising, because algorithm. Facebook or Google would be the interdimensional invasion.

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it's been like 12 hours and I'm still going, but I need MORE. send me your emojis, send me your ideas and your huddled masses.

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I've got 22 instances represented so far. In total I'd like to have like, at least 50 by the end of this. But, it's time to get some gameplay done, look for some bugs.

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so far witches.live is the only fanatical purifier in the galaxy

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ah yes, the eternal art art of hours upon hours of bughunting and troubleshooting. This circus is the closest I'll ever get to actual hacking, so I better try to enjoy it.

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what is Stellaris but a series of text documents interwoven by code spaghetti

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what if I literally replaced all of the AI personalities with various fedifolk tropes, and all of their dialogue with actual assorted mastodon posts

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witches.live and playvicious.social have spawned next to each other 3 times in a row. this isn't hardcoded I swear

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@starwall Wait, a "huddle" was a football thing, right?

So a huddled mass is, like, a football player?

@starwall Starwall you are a genius, this mod might bring me back into this game

@007 @starwall i humbly suggest that this be considered for the the formal name of this project

@starwall technically hacking is bughunting just with a different goal in mind

@starwall thats ck2 and eu4, stellaris doesnt even get spaghetti :\

@norikawa admittedly it's very easy to mod. case and point--I'm modding it right now and I'm a complete dumbass

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@starwall I hate to say it but gab, liberdon, societal, briteon, half the Pleroma instances could be added to that list alongside witches.

@starwall honey.town should be easy 🐝 if u wanna include weird tiny instances ;)

@starwall this is amazing... I own the game but have never played it, I think it's time

@starwall these are actually interesting imho.
also.. as a yerba mate drinker -
cheers! ;)

a question with #emojies, #federated #networks and #inclusion in mind:

any idea whether there are ways to make emojies for blind people? (not just visually impaired..)

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