I've been compelled to make a full blown fediverse conversion mod for Stellaris, and I don't know what it is that's compelling me, but I will not stop until it is complete. I want as many instances represented as possible, @ me your ideas.

this will be the highest effort shitpost of my entire fediverse career

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it is slowly dawning on me that this mod will take weeks of work. maybe even months. However, I have the rest of quarantine to go, this is my job now.

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so far I've got
- a mastodon logo for .social
- :knzk:
- a snout (for
- the hex
- the goat of
- the radtown :lazer_R:
- pawprint for
- selontheweb as representative symbol of
- a mate gourd for myasstodon
- an logo

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I need more symbols! @ me a symbol if your instance isn't yet represented and I'll get it in there

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emojis work well for this, so if your instance has an emoji you think represents it, do @ me it

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note to self: change the language file such that the "Leave Federation" button says "Defederate" instead

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can't really think of any traits for mastodon.socialites besides repugnant.

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I take that back. I went for Fleeting, Nomadic, and Rapid Breeders

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if I had a dataset of fursona names I could make a namelist

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If I was REALLY talented, I could make Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit into respective endgame crisis

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Reddit would be the scourge, for obvious reasons. and Twitter would be the robot uprising, because algorithm. Facebook or Google would be the interdimensional invasion.

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it's been like 12 hours and I'm still going, but I need MORE. send me your emojis, send me your ideas and your huddled masses.

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@Paradox well I mean I made starwall-e as a representation of because why not. I'm considering making a namelist of some of the complete nonsense he's come up with

@starwall I'd be down to help idk how but hell yeah

@ItsMorgan I absolutely will. hopefully I can arrange some sort of inaugural playtest of it with a bunch of fedifolk

@anarchiv @ItsMorgan speaking of... is there any emoji or anything that's representative of

@starwall well this is the logo :todon: but it's not much. I could go out on a limb and say the most commonly used emojo is :trebuchet: perhaps lol

@anarchiv @ItsMorgan hmm. I could add the trebuchet but we have :trebuchet: too and I think maybe even .social does too? is todon themed at all or is it just kinda general use?

@anarchiv alternatively I could just see what my artistic talents can draw up as representative of you specifically, as I've done with and sel and with starwall-e. A stylized space station perhaps?

@starwall hmmm that could be fun. but I'm not even a mod anymore, even when I am, arguably, one of the most popular people on Todon

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@starwall @anarchiv @ItsMorgan i mean, we have the :klomp:, although I don't know how representative it is v:

@anarchiv @starwall @ItsMorgan honestly one of the first things I noticed about after getting on it was the :acab: emoji

a little cheap because it's first alphabetically, but still, has a kinda vibe I think

not at the forefront, though, just like, a burning police car somewhere in the distant background

@starwall for a sec there I thought this was some kind of custom OS GUI and I was like "oh shit that'd be kinda rad to use"

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