Princess Peach? sorry but no room for royalty, it's 2020 :guillotine:

@starwall monty mole is a known comrade and a valuable asset in his infiltration and sabotage abilities

@starwall I feel like Mario would be closer to the center tbh.

@Morgan mario is a mustached and famous revolutionary throughout the mushroom kingdom and indeed known across all the world

@starwall i refuse to believe princess waluigi is a fvckign libertarian hargle bargle *begins to foam at the mouth*

@starwall I think the fact that DK wears a tie means he can't possibly be that anarchist

@starwall @Aleums DK wears a tie while monkeywrenching. It really helps open a lot of doors

@starwall princess peach cannot possibly be more authoritarian than Rosalina, and I also cannot believe that wario is less libertarian than waluigi

@starwall I literally know nothing about this but doesn't Luigi have a mansion or something?

@starwall so uh it's monarchism-communism-luigism I guess

@charlag @starwall yeah but he lets ghosts live there for free so he’s cool

@starwall wait why the fuck is Mario cooperating with the fash

@PsyChuan probably because the political compass itself is garbage

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