going to actually try and watch this trainwreck, wish me luck

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now, to celebrate surviving that cursed film, I'm gonna go get a chili dog

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honestly the homoerotic undertones between Tom (obligatory white dude main character) and Sonic is undeniable. friendship??? HA. Nice try Hollywood

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honestly a little sad they didn't go with the horrifying "realistic" version first time around

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The only part that genuinely made me laugh out loud is when Robotnik was testing out something in his high tech research lab, and the music was going right, like this was the villan's montage, he is surrounded by holograms and the like, and the power surged off and the music cut out so he used a lighter to find and switch a regular breaker labeled "evil lab" with tape.

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the age old adage that film adaptations of video games suck holds true

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@horrowfide I like to do some seasonal sort of revamps of my microblog. keeps it fresh. keeps 'em coming back

yeah i don't want to see it but i definitely will eventually.

@starwall come on fam, give us your first thoughts. what you got to say here

@starwall "local mastodon twink says he's into thicc daddy capitalists out to destroy ecology" wow, fucked up

@starwall back in my day Sonic loved chili dogs and we stood by him for it

@starwall Sonic is friends with a fucking cop? boycotting Sonic games form this point forwards honestly

@CornishRepublicanArmy the entire movie was basically about a bored small town white cop and his dream to save someone. he meets an alien, who he consequently saves and thus he furfils his dream.

@CornishRepublicanArmy yeah they really got us there, we can't even criticize this one

@starwall who’s gonna make the “tunes of anarchy” playlist

@CornishRepublicanArmy it was during the hotel scene wasn't it? instead all that made it into the final cut was Tom "tucking Sonic into bed" like yeah, that is totally what happens in hotel rooms

@starwall you don't wanna know what those sheets looked like afterwards

@starwall thicc blue hedgehog cum all over the walls. I knew sonic was fast and all but wew, lets leave it at that

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