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the sun is an orb of pure malevolence that has haunted us long enough

@starwall I am sun neutral. Needed food for plants so I can breathe is a good thing, and solar power is as sustainable as the planet itself; on the other hand, all other interactions, direct or indirect, I have had with sunlight have been adversarial to me.

@melissasage @starwall Wait no the worst one is that fucking car that got launched, inarguably

@starwall petition to encase the sun in window tinting material

It's a preemptive strike in response to the that of our forming a Dyson sphere. Still unclear on who will carry out their threat first.

@starwall your anti sun propaganda will wither under the brightness of sunlight. prepare to be irradiated.

@batterpunts @starwall every year, just as it gets warmer, "ooh sun this, bad that"

@starwall i would prefer a red supergiant that engulfs me

@starwall your faith that there is a sun is oddly reasuring

@starwall i am pro sun like in "the sun is a nuclear fusion reactor wildly burning in space bombarbing nearby rocks with heavy radiations, enough to bring life to the most bizarre forms and in the end sun will kill everything" not like "Hey i like sunny days"

@starwall I was on the fence but then I remembered the sun is made of teeth, so I'm now firmly against

@starwall the liberation of night has taken a blow from this. but it is only one. we shall recover and show the solar adoring fools the error of their ways

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