It has been established in canon that starfleet's Starship Discovery is capable of traveling to different dimensions of sorts, so basically it's perfectly reasonable to drop a star trek away team encounter into your DnD campaign.

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I think like, the mood of the campaign needs to already have been a bit silly, but like, this is too good not to do

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starfleet away team: unfortunately, one of our own was killed by one of this planet's hostile fauna...
party member: [resurrects them]
away team: You can DO THAT?

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gods have mercy on whichever DM gives the players access to a replicator

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@starwall starwall, you ever hear of a little game called Hyperborea?

@starwall So you knkw how pathfinder is like silly 3.5?

Hyperborea is absolutely batshit AD&D

@starwall last time I played hyperborea I looted a lightsaber off a pirate skeleton and fought a trex with it

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