reading the Conquest of Bread while simultaneously listening to dubstep

'scientific advancement was only possible when the lives and work of those scientists and philosophers were themselves sustained by the toilers before them.'

history is not a tale of great men and fantastic ideas, it is the mountain of work of many countless millions of people, countless billions of hours worked in poverty. A civilization is a pyramid laid brick by brick through time and work by the masses.

see this is what I mean when I say that we are never free from context.

by indulging in consumption in our modern lives, our modern world, we rest on generations gone and generations now who have toiled and been oppressed and shown no dignity or acknowledgement. they are shunted off to the side, stopped and frisked, beaten and bloodied when they organize. Civilization is a shared enterprise, a collective endeavor, a great public work. Who are they then, to say it belongs to them, those billionaires who contribute nothing but new and fantastic ways to evade taxes.

we are neo-peasants of the service economy, maybe yes we all don't work in factories anymore but that doesn't mean that the products we use and the media we consume didn't in fact come from someone somewhere in some-time, being exploited through this vile myth of competition

any payments you make that require an address are just one other chain around the ankle to keep your peasant ass on your designated little plot of land

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