speculative zoology is just a fandom for the Earth

alright so there's this chronological worldbuilding/ speculative zoology project called The World of Serina. It's awesome.

"Imagine, if you will, a hypothetical world much like our own, but populated only by a very small sampling of creatures, which were then allowed to evolve entirely on their own for hundreds of millions of years until their ancestors resembled them barely at all. Now imagine if those colonists were highly specialized creatures, animals which would never have the means to exploit as many varied niches anywhere else due to competition from other animals. Imagine an entire world where the only land animal present is a canary - a world without reptiles, amphibians, or mammals. This is Serina - the world of birds."

it essentially explores the radiations and adaptations of a single species into fulfilling every ecological niche that a whole world has to offer over the course of millions of years

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I literally can't wait to get home and keep reading this. This is awesome. Worldbuilding done RIGHT.

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@LexYeen this is already my favorite thing and I've only known about it for a day

@starwall same and I've only known about it since you posted it

@starwall @LexYeen I almost wonder if whoever took this would be willing to take commissions? Give them initial conditions and ask them to play them out reasonably...

@starwall @LexYeen Thank you so much for sharing this! I'm really enjoying it.

@starwall @LexYeen "...male Womblers of most species are very avid singers, with their songs being almost identical on inspection to those of modern canaries but slowed down five to ten times and brought down several octaves, as if slowed with audio-editing software."

OK is it just me or is this both hilarious and terrifying

@CoronaCoreanici @starwall It's a good thing they're herbivores.

It's a bad thing that they literally do not have any sense of fear.

@starwall only reading their intro about what species they included so far and wow this is super exciting stuff!

it really makes me wonder if this kind of experiment would actually work too like there's so much in an ecosystem we can't necessarily see is going on, like for all we know they missed some sort of linchpin bacteria (actually, not seeing much about the microscopic world at all? besides, like, algae I guess) and the whole thing could go totally differently than expected!

@starwall It's like that island chain or whatever Darwin was all about

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