I finished my midterm project. I think I did quite nicely.

does anybody have any ideas for a better short thesis line on the bottom?

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"Alone you can only do so much",
in relation to how responsability and solutions for climate change is always put on the individual action.

@starwall Thank you, and you're welcome. You did a great job, love the aesthetics!

@starwall the anti-straw movement has expanded. I can no longer get a plastic straw for my Whole Foods beverage which is served in a plastic cup with a plastic topper

@buffaloser @starwall i can no longer get a plastic straw to put into my dickhole!

@buffaloser @starwall i got a plastic package in the mail yesterday and it said "cut carefully to make a reusable sleeve"

you know, for next time you need a sleeve..

@starwall @buffaloser now im a piece of polluting shit unless i take part in this new sleeve economy

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