The Michigander citizenry test is to make both the upper and lower peninsula with your hands

one of these days I'm gonna ride over the border into Ohio on the back of a pickup truck with a machine gun blazing into the air, and I'll plant that Michigander flag right back on Toledo.

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"Reconquista!" I we yell as I plant a ugly navy blue flag into the ground, all around my comrades wearing plaid chook hats rushing forward, my yellow mud boots grinding the Ohio Burgee into the dust.

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Never Forget (about Ohio's illegal seizure of the Toledo strip during the Toledo War)

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As my first act as governor of Michigan I will reassemble the militias. Ohio is a lingering and imminent threat, and we must be ready.

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I swear I had seen an image like this somewhere on the internet before but I couldn't find it so I just made a new one and it was worth it.

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@starwall i sit on the edge of it on some broken chair bits posting onto the online while i watch newcomers become consumed

@starwall no political buzzwords can contain the pure consumptive force of ohio

@starwall you do a great job babe and it's a huge reason why I fell for you so hard :blobcatmelt3:

@starwall As a guy from PA, I can confirm this is true. We are the only state adjacent to Ohio which is not imminently threatened. This is for a very good reason.

@starwall In defence of Ohio, it hosts one of the best bathhouses I've ever been to in Columbus.

@pronounshe Columbus is a nice place full of nice people under a tyrannical regime, and it needs liberation

@starwall I am currently in the imminent threat zone just outside its clutches in northern Kentucky.. I’m fleeing as fast as I can

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