Philanthropy is a symptom of systemic injustice, not a solution to it.

@starwall I do agree that philanthropy isn’t the solution, but it’s *better* than the alternative: On one side you have people like Elon Musk, who spend their fortune conning people by selling old/bad ideas with good PR; and in the other side you’ve got people like the Koch brothers, who use their fortune pushing their agenda with PragerU and literally buying out the US government.

@raspberry_boy You have entirely missed the point. The alternative is not the Koch Brothers the alternative is something that isn't capitalism.

@starwall Yeah I agree, capitalism is bullshit, I was talking about philanthropy *compared* to how the rest of the bourgeoisie use their funds to control and mislead the populous.

@raspberry_boy A philanthropist is just a member of the bourgeois that is concerned about their image or is doing it for the tax incentives. A billionaire that truly cared about things like the survival of the species would not be making companies to sell flamethrowers to people.

@raspberry_boy Even Bill Gates has said stuff positive about socialism but he sure as hell hasn't done much about it. I'm not going to buy it when philanthropists try and make themselves out to be "the good ones" when they themselves are STILL perpetuating systematic inequity and enriching themselves at the detriment of the rest of us. Eat the rich! :guillotine:

@starwall Same with companies that say that they support the left and that they support {MINORITY}’s rights as a fucking PR campaign, while in reality they couldn’t care less about what happens to people as long as they can make a profit. Why would a company, a company that makes profits of unpaid/stolen labour AND has workers that don’t even make enough to live, care about anything but making a profit?

@raspberry_boy It's almost as if capitalism has absolutely no concern at all with people's rights or living conditions :blobhyperthink:

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