notre dame burning sucks mostly because I won't get to go and see its beautiful gothic architecture. I don't give a shit about christanity but such a big and beautiful structure that survived the french revolution and two world wars burning down today is a global tragedy. I wish the world were a better place where art could be grieved without it being interpreted as stanning french nationalism or some bullshit like that. Like, no, I just like flying buttresses and big gothic buildings, heck off.


Notre Dame isn't some confederate statue erected in 1970. This was a world history site. We won't get it back. It's a tragedy, let people grieve. We know the RCC was shit, we know France was shit, but Notre Dame wasn't entirely shit. I'd cry if the Taj Mahal collapsed or if the Hagia Sophia was destroyed, it's not all about religion or the West or whatever you want to make it about. Sometimes it's just about the art and history itself.

All of civilization, all of the things we do on this earth are temporary and mortal and it is painful to admit so. Nothing lasts forever, not even these things that feel like they've been here forever.

@starwall if we were only allowed to appreciate cultural monuments built by woke people we'd have nothing left. everyone fucking sucked and still does. ridiculous and frankly insulting to start policing it here and now.

@LuigiEsq y'all the pyramids are cancelled. symbols of religion. time to blow 'em up.

@LuigiEsq @starwall the only woke monument you are allowed to appreciate is the bird house I built 6 years ago. it still stands proud and strong in my back yard, a monument to the labor of the humble worker

@Spacedrake @starwall we regret to inform you that young spacedrake has been cancelled for money laundering

@LuigiEsq @Spacedrake spacedrake was exposed in the Panama Papers but as is typical nothing was done

@starwall chances are this is only a temporary set back for it. not much was lost, most of it is still standing and the vast majority of what is lost was under renovation. its perfectly understandable and valid to feel sad about this but remember to have hope cause this isnt the first time its been damage. all the precious items inside and even almost all of the statues on the outside werent there because of renovations - 1/2

@starwall the losses were cut to a minimum due to luck and the renovations from the fire will probably start very soon - 2/2

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