That was the same difficulty of taking a picture of the details of a DVD on the surface of the moon from the Earth.

this black hole is bigger than our solar system. The event horizon you are seeing is downright bigger than the orbit of Neptune.

@starwall mfing eye of sauron at the center of our galaxy existence is beautiful and horrible

@SanfordianPhil It's a perfect circle, one side is brighter due to the rotation, and the dust travels around them in chunks and a ring, but the light is bent by spacetime around the event horizon. That black shadow in the middle is evidince of all the photons that didn't make it, and fell into the black hole. They won't interact with the outside universe until the end of time.

@starwall @SanfordianPhil so... there IS a way out after all? excuse me folks, I have a shuttle to catch.

@starwall ok, so it is a sphere but it just looks like a ellipsoid because the light is getting ate

@SanfordianPhil The ring around it is the only source of light, it looks like a sphere because the light was scattered by the black hole.

I could absolutely crap myself, this is so amazing. Thank you for your explanations.

@starwall @SanfordianPhil *until hawking radiation causes our lovely friend at the center of M87 to explode (edit: wrong galaxy)

@citrustwee @starwall calm down... no one ever doubted that cervixes are real. (I wouldn't put it past incels but


@Dayglochainsaw It's, first of all, a ring around a black shadow, because the light radiated from a disk of hot gas and dust is literally bent around the black hole, narrowly missing the black hole and actually orbiting it for a while until either falling in or reaching the rest of space.

@Dayglochainsaw The reason one side is brighter than the other is because that's the side that's spinning towards us and the other side is emitting light more likely to fall in to the black hole.

@starwall Starwall do a remix of the "nutt godd's clout" photo but with the event horizon pic

hmmm........ it's not black.......... obviously fake

@starwall But by my half-arsed calculations the event horizon is 26.7 AU and apparently Neptune's semi-major axis is 30.1 AU.

If you ask me the Solar System's size is that of the Sun's Hill sphere out at 120,000 AU. Don't mind me minimizing one of the most massive known black holes right here on the Fediverse.

@_aD @starwall how did you come to 26.7 AU? that sounds a little small.

@starwall is the mass inside the same diameter as the event horizon? Or is there a gap between the two?

@Excuse_haver @starwall The "event horizon" is the boundary defining where energy cannot escape from and it's usually considered the outer edge of the black hole. With this definition the event horizon doesn't have mass as it's an edge.

The glow is the result of light being bent around the black hole by its intense gravitational pull, so isn't part of the black hole itself.

@_aD @Excuse_haver and furthermore the mass defines where the "event horizon" is, it's essentially the only variable there.

@starwall @_aD but there is mass in there somewhere right? so if I had a long stick that was gravity resistant (I’m very good at science) and I poked the black hole. Would the stick hit a mass right after it passed the event horizon. Or does the mass at the center take up less volume than the perceived EH sphere?

@Excuse_haver @starwall Well shit, you and your great questions. As far as I know, there's a problem in that once you pass the event horizon...all of known physics ceases to be able to describe or hypothesize what happens.

@Excuse_haver @_aD @starwall The mass, we believe, is infinitely small. In fact you would hardly notice passing through the event horizon (assuming a craft human rated for heavy X-ray bombardment).

@Qwyrdo @Excuse_haver @starwall Literally being bombarded by Stephen Hawking's legacy :-D

That tech would have to be called Thorne Shields.

timey wimey physics 

timey wimey physics 

timey wimey physics 

@_aD @falkreon @starwall The stick is immune to gravity which means it’s also immune to the relativistic properties of a black hole. Which means it’s immune time? It was expensive.

@Excuse_haver @_aD @falkreon @starwall look, we're all friends here, we know which "stick" you're tryna put in the event horizon

timey wimey physics 

timey wimey physics 

timey wimey physics 

timey wimey physics 

timey wimey physics 

timey wimey physics 

timey wimey physics 

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