Language is a way for me to transmit my thoughts directly into your mind, and via this post, you're reading my mind, the mind of a stranger in Michigan living his own separate life from your own.

Mastodon is magic, telepathy, a confluence of so many fantastic people and their thoughts. It's history in the making, and the result of all of the past and all of its events and billions of years of evolution conspiring to have you boost this right now.

We are not separate from nature and its processes. It is the context, the very stuff of what makes the cosmos and us as a part of that cosmos. We are not separate or alone but rather the latest iterations of a long long story of life on Earth, a story that probably started almost 4 billion years ago with methane respiring, self replicating strands of protein inside small fatty bubbles near a hydrothermal vent on an ocean planet with no land and with oceans that were green with unoxodized iron.

We are the very first life we know of, the very first section of the universe capable of comprehending the origin of the universe.

We are among the very first generations of any beings in the universe that know a near definitive origin of time and space itself, and we have a million questions that still need to be answered. Aliens, for the first time in 4 billion years, landed on the moon and those aliens were us. We live at such a pivotal moment in history. I'm in awe of it every day, and thankful, excited even, to see where we go next.

We didn't coalesce from spacedust yesterday in the middle of intergalatic space. We are one of the very lucky results of billions of years of random mutations, exposed to selection pressure, over time. We share this little blue mudball with our surviving cousins from a harrowing 4 billion year history, in a 13.7 billion year old universe that is probably infinitely big.

Life is absolutly precious, completely infused with intrinsic worth in this context. We cannot let it die.

In a billion years the sun will be 10% brighter and the oceans will evaporate, if we want any hope of survival we either need to spread this garden we find ourselves in, or we need to do some serious megaengineering. Either way, we just have to ensure that we, the first, won't be the last to know the beautiful, awesome truth.

All of time, space, the four fundamental forces, and entropy itself have conspired for us to be here, just by happenstance. If we want to survive for anywhere near as long as they did we need a radically sustainable society, and a thorough anti asteroid program. We need to garden every barren rock in the solar system and beyond, because we just have to ensure that this beautiful universe is experienced by someone, something.

We have a duty to grow the garden.


Call it a rebellion against nihilism and the universe itself-- life Itself is absurd, we are absurd, this whole scenario is absurd, and we are charged with making sure that that absurdity never stops. Life itself is its own meaning, meaning enough that "why" is made irrelevant. Why? Why not!? Hell, if there wasn't life, you wouldn't be asking why at all would you? Isn't THAT reason enough? Isn't THIS all enough?

Yes it is. The cosmos is worth being experienced. Life itself is worthwhile.

@wicche This is about as close to religious belief that I have... Life's meaning is intrinsic, experience itself is greater than unconsciousness, and our purpose as we find ourselves now ought to be as gardeners of the precious flame of the biosphere and art and all things that live.

We are explorers. We are gardeners. We are the children of the dead suns.

@starwall It's a very good belief to have. Even though I express/observe it in more oblique ways sometimes, it's also core to my own practices. The universe is good, and humans are good because we are the universe knowing itself, and in all things we should be furthering our own futures and living in a way that both evolves but always keeps us in harmony with the conditions that predicate our existence.

@starwall Replace life with sentience specifically and I'm all in

@forAll52 I mean both, both life and sentience. Especially sentience but even a living planet with no humans is greater than a dead world, because even then it will have a fair chance to evolve its own wanderers.

@starwall Not necessarily human consciousness, animals still have minds and can value things too, but if it were nothing but bacteria, It would only be valuable insofar as it could eventually develop into a world with sentient beings. Also, I don't know if it would actually be possible, but in those sci-fi stories about sentient computers I often end up very sympathetic with them, even though they are not actually 'alive'

@forAll52 Experience itself is a self evident purpose to conscious existence, life is the vessel of that. There may be more vessels, but clearly the biodiversity of the Earth ought to have the chance to adapt to other world's that we can garden for ourselves and them, or our descendants, and their life too. The freak existence of multicellular life ought not be allowed to end.

@forAll52 The rest of everybody else of course! Before we are gardeners of the galaxies we must teach ourselves to _garden._ Spread the ideas.

This is a bonkers thing to find at 12 am, but fuck if it ain't powerful

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