Follow just graciously commissioned me for a flag, so here it is!!! It represents the solarpunk movement. Like the movement it is bright and full of hope, and also like the movement, it kicks ass. It was inspired by @socalledunitedstates, but is still pretty distinctive.


@starwall How about one like the yellow-green one only the bottom right triangle is blue? (the sun-cog in the middle remains yellow and green)

@starwall That's why I asked for the source file, to try it out myself :)

@starwall yes, thank you! That sits a bit easier on my eyes :)

@starwall Ah, now do one where you swap the greens with the blues

@starwall I really like that one with the stripes of blue in the corner. I get the appeal of the two-tone variant but that one looks dope

@starwall @Wewereseeds That's really neat! I don't suppose you have an SVG around somewhere? (And if so, what license, if any, would y'all allow dissemination of it under?)

@keithzg Sadly no such image exists yet! They are for the public use, though I don't want people going around and thinking somebody else made them for obvious reasons.

@starwall @Wewereseeds Yeah that's fair (and why CC-BY-SA is the sort of license I tend to philosophically favour myself :))

I ask in part because the JPEG artifacting is quite noticeable, although I imagine then if you don't have a source SVG that's probably just from Mastodon's own compression stage.

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