Starwall but re-imagined as a flag.

the yellow represents my whiskered snout.
the orange represents my balloon-like redish-orange being
the green represents the moss in the background which I love very much

Reply to this and I'll make your avatar into a flag tomorrow. or when I get around to it.

@yardgnome Yardgnome flag. The gradient is the same in your profile picture, the two wedges represent cat ears. The four stripes symbolize being enby.

@starwall omg this is super cool! I love how "simplistic" these all are while still being very recognizable when compared to their origins

@starwall you've already gone above and beyond for me. I'm down for a flag, but definitely don't do one for me if a bunch of people reply

@healyn true but I did spend 5 hours straight yesterday making fire gifs for half the fediverse so it wasn't much

@healyn The Flag of Healyn. It's white because Healyn is white, the blue represents his eyes, the symbol represents how cool he is

@starwall @healyn the massive size of the flag represents his shirt

@em Flag of Em. The green represents the froggy. The yellow and magenta stripes represents cyberspace.

@starwall this is so good!!! it's gonna be my cover image now

@pizza Pizza goblin flag. The green represents being goblin. The wedges represent pizza. The red is the bandanna and also pizza.

@starwall @pizza The GW2 community calls the orange floor indicators of where a powerful attack is about to hit "floor pizzas"

@starwall could i also have uuuhhhhhhhhh an flag please :33

@007 007 flag. 5 stripes. Hyena outline along the left side, stripes are the same gradient as the avatar.

@Louisa Louisa flag. 5 striped pink and white flag with an upper left hand same color canton. There are a dozen chocolate colored stars to represent your love of baking!

@starwall SHRIEEEEEK

I LOVE IT 💝💖💝💖💝💖

@Louisa this is an optical illusion, when looking between both halves the stars are trying to have rounded edges. This wasn't intentional but it's cool

@tibius tibius flag. It's 5 stripes and all in the color of your avatar. there are two black LGM eyes in the middle because aliens.

@breakfastgolem Breakfast golem flag. It's red because leftism. The star represents wizardry and leftism. The coffee pot represents breakfast.

@starwall @breakfastgolem in The Man Behind the Mask, it is claimed that Lenin would often eat a breakfast of three poached eggs, ham, and a pint of dark beer.

@breakfastgolem @starwall I've had it with coffee instead of beer. Definitely makes you feel like seizing power.


@jackie @starwall
Breakfast of champions. How else do u think he managed to become king of a state capitalist empire?

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