cw: teeth, slime, wound cube, bread, 🔥 fire 🔥, big tiddy alf, Linux, awoooo, meat, florida white boys, the Gunch, AAAA, discourse, dankwraith2020, turban sage, holidays, instance drama, pleroma discourse, bread, none pizza


have I ever mentioned that this website is a lot of fucking fun?

No. Please never do again. Fun is illegal.

@Lumb @starwall

👮🏻 ello, ello! wot's all dis then? 'aving a spot o' the ol' fun, eh?

@starwall @jackdaw_ruiz
Naw ur good starwall I’m no narc. I never even seen you before in my life but those are somebody else’s drugs I was just holding for them that’s not even my coat!

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