I miss the days when people weren't grown in vats, and the birds were still real.

I miss the days before the storm of '39, when navigation systems still worked and electricity was something we all shared.

I miss the days when the police were still made out of meat.

I miss the days when it was safe to go outside into the searing radiation of the sun, I miss when we weren't afraid of the sky.

I miss the days when there was only one dominant species, and we only had to learn verbal languages.

I miss the days when the robots used to be confused sometimes.

I miss the days when memories were something you didn't download like a movie, and they were far more personal. I miss the days when the Memory companies didn't have patents on experiences.

I miss the days when the plants were still green instead of shades of black like trash bags.

I miss when the oceans were still a vast frontier, and the ocean trenches weren't all touristy.

I miss the days when the lightning used to come around randomly, and nobody was in control of it.

I miss the days when only a couple kinds of spiders could fly without wings, before they started to migrate north in great black clouds.

I miss the days when you could lie without the nanomachines autocorrecting your speech.

I miss the days when imagination was a solitary experience.

I miss the days when we thought we were alone in the universe.

I miss the days when nature was something we feared, and not something we stuffed into a briefcase to bring with us across the interstellar seas.

I miss the days when there wasn't an orbital train to the moon.

I miss the days when space was some romantic fantasy, and not just that thing that we all commute through.

I miss the days when your hands were your primary method of interacting with the world, and your thoughts sat idly and the robots didn't hear them.

I miss the days when people used to build skyscrapers that scraped the sky from the ground, rather than started in the sky.

I miss the days when science fiction was still a genre and not a reality.

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your bot’s gonna have a lot to chew on when it gets back

@starwall i miss the days when the forests stayed where they were


>Implying space bears will not be a source of constant fear and unrest

@starwall all of these are incredible but this one I love the most

@starwall I've mentioned it before, but one of the major cultures in A Deepness In The Sky, the spacefaring Qeng Ho, treat bonsai trees and parks as some of their most treasured physical items. It is important for humans to see trees and life when they shift among the stars.

@_ampersand @starwall those first two books are so goddamn amazing, and then Children of the Sky is such a wet fart

@robotcarsley Vinge has great concepts and a great like, pseudo-ethnography, but holy god his attempts at writing romance are awful, just the most painful, forced nonsense. Even in Deepness, my clear favorite, it makes me want to die.

the halcyon days when you could stick your bare hands into the dirt and your skin wouldn't burn

@starwall all the robots are certain. they just know. all the time. humanity fumbles, we stumble and fall. but the robots pick us up.

maybe we don't want to be picked up. our time is over. but the robots carry on. they are certain. they are certain.

@starwall mmm are you sure you aren't thinking of one of your alts?
@starwall ohhh it doesn't that on the pleroma front end. my b
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