man, it's so crazy to think that Earth has two moons that look exactly the same and are never in the sky at the same time

there's simply no other way to explain the super moon other than there are simply 2 moons and 1 is slightly larger

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@starwall Another "conspiracy theory" (actual truth) for YouTube to "correct" (suppress the truth)

@starwall @007 Really everything's something's moon if you think about it.

The moon 1 landing was faked. The moon 2 landing is real tho

@jordyd no no we went to moon 1, we haven't gone to moon 2 yet

Next you’re gonna tell me the earth is a whole sphere

@jordyd no it's just the northern hemisphere the southern one was made up

Starwall you’re gonna end up blocking your own self

How do you explain the green moon which only appears once every 420 years

@jordyd @starwall
hold up:

How would it only appear
Every 420 years
Even though when
You look at it through a Heineken bottle
You can clearly tell that it
Actually appears green
Year round?

@starwall going to print it out and show the world the truth one nephew at a time

@starwall tired: the duality of man

inspired: the duality of moon

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