I hate the hellthread, I hate that I'm known for the hellthread, I want to go back in time and defeat myself in the moment before creating the irreparable mistake that was the hellthread.

oh no, someone deleted a good portion of this hellthread


hellthreads have been around for a while. don't beat yourself up over it

it wasn't the first and wont be the last

@laser @starwall i was part of the original Hellthread on Twitter, right after the bumped up the # of @'s you could tag- don't worry the shame eventually abates

@starwall hellthreads are always there, waiting for us to enter, waiting to enter us

until next time, try to enjoy the timeline

@Ferretsyndicate this is a debatable stance but it certifiably isn't objective don't hate. it's not a mistake. it's just the way it happened. it's really not a bad thing like that. and it's not what you're known for. sorry, i mistook your intonation there. it's weird trying to do that online

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