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might I humbly recommend this guide to the fediverse 🗺️

@starwall I’m afraid to know what that squiggly line going out of nutt god is, knowing his brand....

@BigPopsicle that's his toots vanishing off into the deep Plemora beyond.

@starwall this is unrealistic

his clout should be represented by ... a cube ...

@starwall I don't know about making Eugene hyperbolic since he always comes back to boosting cat pics sooner or later.

@nuttgodd @starwall nothing, its just the whiff of drama lingering in the air

@nuttgodd @garfiald I'm glad the image is so shitty too, with the watermark and everything

@nuttgodd @garfiald I mean actually, I should make a high quality one. NO. an animated one.

@starwall Like the flying dutchman, I am never allowed to enter land

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