so there's this website called
and it's fucking awesome. you can check live maps of weather, wind, temperature, ocean, chemical, and particle data collected by our satellites. It looks amazing too, I've seen a lot of hurricanes develop and run their course in real time, or keep tabs on air pollution caused by forest fires. Check it out, it's free and badass.

@starwall this is my go-to for when I'm wondering why it's so cold and figuring out at which wind in particular I should be directing my rage

@starwall I had completely forgotten about this site - thanks for the reminder!

I've just noticed that have also a Misery Index which is totally the best thing ever. 😜

@starwall There is a similar site called Ventusky with a slightly different user interface that is also good

@starwall what is Happening with CO at the vietnam/Laos border?

@benni My theory is that westward flowing winds carry carbon monoxide emissions up from Hanoi into the inland highlands where it gets trapped against the mountains. It's an area of smog buildup.

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