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spunk, gumption, moxie, chutzpah, these are the four elements

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📣 For New Users ❗
might I humbly recommend this guide to the fediverse 🗺️

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My interests 

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this is my flock of alt accounts
@starwall_e - my bot who I love dearly
@starwall - just in case rad town is down or I want to stellaris-post
@starwall - for space shit and scifi geekery, also for my art - for selfies and nsfw stuff

feeling ashamed 

feeling ashamed 

Slowly, bit by bit, I'm awakening class consciousness in my coworkers

Neolib arguments against anarchy 9 times out of 10 boil down to just describing the world we currently live in...

Anarchy ain't chaos fam, this shit we're living through is chaos

This is more than definitely a glitch, but if this is the direction Call of Duty is going then I would be all for it.

@starwall if phones aren't alive then why am I talking to mine huh

i would just like to thank you all personally for letting me live in your respective attics/basements/utility closets. i'm there right now. hi, hello

we are currently experiencing a toot shortage, please return later

the fedi seems to be a gateway drug to becoming a furry arguably far too late in life

holy fuck, I ordered a pizza and it's so hot I am gonna call this thing Lucy until it cools the fuck down

Everyone is so fucking cute I'm going to put my fist through the wall

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