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🌋 fire fountains 30 miles high
🌋 enormous pyroclastic flows spreading ash, gas, and molten rock
🌋 almost immediately turning half a continent into hell on earth
🌋 350,000 years of constant lava

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spunk, gumption, moxie, chutzpah, these are the four elements

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My interests 


I've never been suplexed but I imagine the experience is something like reading any one of Flowless's posts

the notion that houses can be alive and can feel emotions relating to neglect is a concept just as supernatural as ghosts but somehow far more terrifying

I have no alleigence to the fediverse. I'm on here because it's what we have, and I don't know shit about coding to make something else. but fedi ain't gonna be it forever. when someone makes a platform with actual anti-harassment and data protection tools I'll use it; maybe that will be something federated, probably not. but I'm vulnerable enough myself, and I want my more vulnerable friends to feel safe. I'm loyal to people, not things, and certainly not a platform.

The CDC advises that the best way to avoid COVID-19/SARS-2 is to simply shut the fuck up and fuck the hell off

boyposting (when boy's make post's) is full of hidden message's

a fascist jacked off to hentai and cried today. did you

@starwall I feel like people who voted Garf absolutely do not know Gard. they're so quiet and police like all the time, if they did emit a bolt of crackling destructive lightning they'd apologise for it and then tell you an anecdote about this one obscure piece of modern art this reminds them of

i am the only communist of mastodon. you're welcome

I dreamt last night that the earth is flat

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