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spunk, gumption, moxie, chutzpah, these are the four elements

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📣 For New Users ❗
might I humbly recommend this guide to the fediverse 🗺️

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My interests 

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this is my flock of alt accounts
@starwall_e - my bot who I love dearly
@starwall - just in case rad town is down or I want to stellaris-post
@starwall - for space shit and scifi geekery, also for my art - for selfies and nsfw stuff

dont talk about sex on this website you jackals

ah yes, glad to be in the Free World and have "freedom of movement"

*looks in wallet*

oh wait nvm

anyone here like paper mario the thousand year door

Like a minecraft villager, I also get horny and fuck after eating bread

@katwylder My primary mission is to get her that perfect fucking date

in retrospect i should have realized i was a girl when i just didn't fart for the first 19 years of my life

@requrious newspaper comics are 100% boomer in all cases

Is Zits a boomer comic strip?

@starwall Don't forget your burlap sack with the word "SWAG" featured prominently

Might fuck around and start making a thread on things I feel would make Cities: Skylines better (or, alternitavely, things that would make a city-builder better imo than CSK)

"figured I'd... come dressed for the occasion, y'know? do you like it?"

might do a burglary, but like, in a black and white striped shirt with a plain black ski mask on

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