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spunk, gumption, moxie, chutzpah, these are the four elements

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📣 For New Users ❗
might I humbly recommend this guide to the fediverse 🗺️

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My interests 

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this is my flock of alt accounts
@starwall_e - my bot who I love dearly
@starwall - just in case rad town is down or I want to stellaris-post
@starwall - for space shit and scifi geekery, also for my art - for selfies and nsfw stuff

Jeb! memes only get better with time, in 200 years people will still be using Jeb! memes and they'll be better than any other memes.

ttrpg thoughts 

A skull! I was feeling wiped out after a hard commission, so I got my goth on to relax and did a SKULL but BRIGHT.

Really happy with how the colour layering came out.

#MastoArt #goth #skull #watercolour

@cuttlefish it's marvelously organic, i think it adds a level of visual interest you usually don't get with your average census tract

Census Tract 8, Clinton County, Iowa.

Review: This census tract will soon be full of people who have voted in United States Democratic Primary.

There's a nice wrinkly bit at the bottom of Census Tract 8, with a bonus wiggly bit to boot. This one's worth a longer look.

Using the Crab Cycle to prove time isn't real.

Y'all claim you don't like the Establishment, yet I wouldn't mind for the old man to establish a certain something inside of me #Bernie2020

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