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might I humbly recommend this guide to the fediverse 🗺️

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My interests 

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this is my flock of alt accounts
@starwall_e - my bot who I love dearly
@starwall - just in case rad town is down or I want to stellaris-post
@starwall - for space shit and scifi geekery, also for my art - for selfies and nsfw stuff

So I just sent this text to our upstairs neighbor who is also the landlord's son. The censored name in the text is a former roommate.

re: genital word, shitpost 



Imagine fucking up your life so bad the only two sections of your Wikipedia article are "Personal Life" and "9/11 Controversy"

defederating after the latest garfpost sent me careening over the edge

Do the ehjovan people know that other people can see their posts? Also your avi doesn't have to be animated by tootdon

mastodon is crumbling and many blame william shatner being unable to find my ba-


you know what. i cannot in good conscience complete that sentence.

@starwall @cawcawclack oh my goodness I agree!!! Absolute 10/10 fantastic account and person

literally every single one of you goons should be following @cawcawclack, she ought to have 1k followers, not me

@starwall most people don't know it but minecraft was actually reactionary constructivist propaganda funded by the athenian ruling class in response to dwarf fortress, an earlier work by diogenes

Minecraft was created by Plato due to his fascination with geometry. Thousands of years later, it was rediscovered by a Swedish gremlin.

That's it!! I'm CENSORING anybody who drinks bleach! I hate free speech, and anybody who drinks bleach in defense of their right to free speech on the internet will be BLOCKED!! #mastodev #freespeech

Walmart pride sparkles are terrible

That's why I love them

It's a satire of late Capitalism

And I like satire

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