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🌋 fire fountains 30 miles high
🌋 enormous pyroclastic flows spreading ash, gas, and molten rock
🌋 almost immediately turning half a continent into hell on earth
🌋 350,000 years of constant lava

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spunk, gumption, moxie, chutzpah, these are the four elements

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My interests 

weird to think that France and Britain uniting as a single nation seriously nearly happened in 1940. they drew up plans for a single currency, shared citizenship, joint government, everything and was supported by senior French officials like De Gaulle and seriously considered by the war cabinet in the UK

I'm imaging it as some kind of federal system that breaks up the large English and French entities, like how Serbia was in Yugoslavia. voting blocs of Scotland and Aquitaine working against their political rivals in Normandy and South Eastern England does sound funny, if somewhat interesting alt history wise

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you can’t spell “hot pockets” without “https”

it's great that the US is cracking down on the people hoarding face masks! but have you heard of this thing called "billionaires"? they hoard something even more valuable than face masks - money that can be used to buy anything!

and those people selling face masks and hand sanitiser at ridiculously overinflated costs? glad they're being cracked down on too, but wait until you guys hear about how much people are charging for insulin in your country

sometimes I listen to my own stream replays to fall asleep. I find my own voice to be very relaxing. what? stop looking at me like that

i will never be swallowed by a sinkhole

american nitecrew is australia daycrew but then i also stay up stupid late


what if you could never change your avi once it was set

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