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πŸ“£ For New Users ❗
might I humbly recommend this guide to the fediverse πŸ—ΊοΈ

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this is my flock of alt accounts
@starwall_e - my bot who I love dearly
@starwall - just in case rad town is down or I want to stellaris-post
@starwall - for space shit and scifi geekery, also for my art
@starwall - for selfies and nsfw stuff

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if you make a joke on Mastodon, no matter WHAT the content is, after 50+ boosts people will appear in the replies that take it completely at literal face value.

you could post "a man walks into a bar, says ouch!" and if it receives 50+ boosts, then you will begin seeing replies like "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN STEEL BAR PLACEMENT IS DEREGULATED BY PROFIT DRIVEN CROOKS!"

this theory is commonly known as Eugen's Gambit. and i love it.

if you cannot handle that minor responsibility, to give a shit and be a mindful person online, then get out of my feed asshole

you are not posting in a vaccuum. real people can see who you follow, what you post, and every other bit of information that you put "out there". you are responsible for that, freedom does not mean you are unbound from that context.

I love telling white cis men that they are not actually allowed to do whatever they want to on the internet because they will never be free from the responsibility of the context of wider society

starting to think that there is little that collective action cannot achieve

hmm Bedrock edition? sounds like change, I'm against it.

artisinal, bespoke soils for the discerning post-climate crisis consumer

decked out, swinging my pouches of personal soil and gulping water substitute to flex on the Dust Dwellers

aromatic photovoltaic cells are big this summer. also big this summer? organic Minnesota-grown guava and walled off mega-arcologies

[MY BOSS]: "You and I need to have a chat about appropriate work attire..."

[ME]: *muffled noise*

[BOSS]: "I can't understand what you're saying."

[ME]: *removes ball gag from mouth* "I said 'talk to my union rep, binch.'"

Gay culture is not closing your eyes or bowing your head when people around you suddenly decide to pray.

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