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Some of you never learned how to set toots to ‘unlisted’ and it shows.

Playing a warm and sensual saxophone in the dark of night, as a bit.

this is the best photo i ever took or will ever take and i will never stop posting it

Alright so everyone loves “y’all” but have you considered y’aint?

Superwholock was a cringy thing in and of itself but I never understood why Superman, Horton Hears a Who, and locks all had one fanbase

i'm actually 5 years old, can i get some boosts

I will say tho a thought I’ve been having is how a part of me almost wants a game like but for building communities instead of trying to make an economically viable theme park, like if had you seeing things more how the people on the ground do and focused on more natural, but intentional, growth than just you plopping down zoning and roads and hoping for the best; I’d love to put the effort I do in, say, a detailed ride queue instead into a school or home! 🏡🌳🏛🏥

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help i misread lynne's posts and i installed Linus on my computer, now it just wanders around with a blanket and whines about existential shit

cursed and not to be opened 

Our daddy who art in heaven,
hallowed be your name >:3
your kingdom of cum,
your will be done,
on earth as in playtime.
Give us today our daily cummies.
Forgive us our no nos as we forgive those who no no against us.
Save us from the time of twial, and dewiver us fwom bedtime.
For the stuffies, the power, and the squishies are yours,
now and forever. uwumen.

[Me, slithering boneless through the vents of an abandoned hospital]: "have you drank enough water today?"

1st day on Mastodon: hi everyone, I'm interested in art, architecture, and cat pics!! 😊

3rd day on Mastodon: gonna find bigfoot and fuck him

Hot take: PETA is a CIA psy-op designed to make leftists look like fools.

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