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When the ad display at the bus stop works better than a tiny bus telematics screen that has been sitting there, inactive, for SEVEN YEARS, you know the system has the wrong priorities


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im gettin a little desperate 

Η ekklisiaonline θεωρησε "βλασφημο κ υβριστικο" το κομικ για την παναϊα κ η σελιδα επεσε απο το facebook.
Ας το κάνουμε γνωστο

«Την Παναγία Δεν θα την Ξαναβρίσεις» - Όχι Πια - VICE


On June 22 Extinction Rebellion blocked traffic in front of the building to demand the media report the climate crisis like the emergency it is. #ClimateCrisis #TellTheTruth



PM Mitsotakis assumed direct control over the state TV, state news agency, and nat’l intelligence agency. Very #ArabTyrantManual.

Plato's allegory of the cave but instead of shadows they're just watching YouTube videos with a shitty internet connection

Some other people: zodiac signs
Me: so I was born on a wednesday...

@rin I wouldn't use those exact words, I'm a little too PC for that but yeah fuck gab

> And what do open source actually means ?. Does it mean that islamic terrorist who happens to be developers can come in and cripple some or many of the features ?

what outfit would you wear if you were

- in a gay 80s synthpop band
- headlining trans pride
- in the height of summer


On :birdsite: right now there's a trending hashtag started by people who wanted to bitch about how Ariel shouldn't be black. It ended up getting overrun with actually rational people who were like "no that's not bad, it's a cartoon mermaid for fuck's sake"

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