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furry, not lewd, just furry 

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okay i realize i can't go following random peeps without reading their disclaimer first so im taking to my follows and one by one discreetly unfollowing people with 18+ accounts i followed in the past few hours. sorry about that, and have a great day!

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@friskywhiskers @wintgenstein uhhh idk if you noticed but I'm like 15 so 1)I'm not ready to put myself in the dating scene yet. 2) there's absolutely no way I would classify as a bear the way I look now (trust me on this) 3)I'm being patient until I get more confident, and also finish high school (or turn 18 whichever comes first), and also grow a beard until I feel ready to "call myself" anything sexual. This is just the part of the gay community I am most interested in "entering"

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furry, not lewd, just furry 

crushing on a cartoon fox 

i didnt like shut up & dance because they really tried to make me sympathize with a pedophile like ?? electric chair tf?

#absolve: to pronounce free

- French: acquitte

- German: jemanden von etwas entbinden

- Portuguese: absolver

- Spanish: absuelve


Fill in missing translations:

In the morning you come my way
Your skin is pink, the sky is gray
There's fresh cranberries in your mouth
With thick red water dripping out
You expect me to believe everything you say
Well, okay

:3< anyone: enbies exi-
:3< cishet: haha attack helicopter

[theatrical release] oh boy I wonder if there's like a word to describe how I feel now that I have been exposed to this ad campaign by coca-cola co

9-99 had me full on having an existential crisis

So I was like 3 and saw a box of toys that said 8+ and was mesmerized at how old people could get.

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