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In an effort to be a better Canadian, all of my posts will be bilingual.

Pour être un plus bons Canadien, tout mon postes sera bilangue.

if I ever become one of those people who not only listens to video game soundtracks but buys them on vinyl, please kill me

It's pride month!
Reminder that cops have no place at pride
especially gay cops

they all suck

Is it just me, or is Sherlock Holmes(2009) a really good movie?

BLM does more to defend our rights and freedoms than any US soldier

Simple Pleasure: Making a sandwich in a friend's kitchen

I swear half the meetings I'm in I just want to shake some and shout "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?"

Christ before speaking the Beatitudes: "Listen up chucklefucks..."

Me every time someone complains that folding a fitted sheet is impossible: no it's not that hard actually! You just think of the corners of the bed as the corners of the sheets, you can do it!
Me every time I fold a fitted sheet: yes. Yes. Y e s I a m a w i z a r d

thinking about the friend i had in high school who was super into "hacking" [opening and running like packet sniffer exes on his home wifi] and told me he was in anonymous. i was absolutely terrified of him


anyone who claimed to be in anonymous.. i'd be scared of them, too, but not for the reasons they imagined.

So a year ago I changed my name on Discord to Microsoft Word, now seeing Microsoft Word anywhere makes me wonder why people are writing about me

Cowboys and gay couples are the only people that call others partner... Brokeback Mountain makes so much sense now

Wait so filthy frank stopped being filthy frank and started making serious music and is now topping charts?

We do live in interesting times

Getting kinda tired of the open flannel shirt over v neck and jeans look. Anyone got any mens fashion advice?

I'm 11 so I can have pizza bagels whenever I want, DAD

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