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In an effort to be a better Canadian, all of my posts will be bilingual.

Pour être un plus bons Canadien, tout mon postes sera bilangue.

This weeks answers is "The Thing", but I would've also accepted "Among Us"

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Fun little bonus game I like to play during my DnD sessions called "What movie am I ripping off this time?"

"Bike to work, it's good for the environment"

Know what else is good for the environment? Not burning coal dipshits

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"Don't be a littler bug"

Littering is bad, know what else is bad? Dumping oil in the gulf and not cleaning it up.

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"Clean your plate, wasting food is bad"

Throwing out a half cup of rice because I wasn't as hungry as I thought I was isn't the same as throwing out a truckload of good produce because you couldn't sell it and don't want poors who didn't pay to get it.

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It's funny how many habits we have because companies didn't want to take responsibility for their actions.

So I just found out a Nimitz class aircraft carrier costs 12.5 billion dollars. Jeff Bezos can afford 14 aircraft carriers.

Silver lining of this whole pandemic business, I haven't had a cold in six months

Heading down to Target, want me to loot anything for you while I'm there?

@fakemaxkeeble @caymanwent It's amazing that so many people can't even imagine any vector for change outside of electorialism, as if "seize the means of production" could be a ballot initiative should we cozy up to our racist uncles.

I'm culturally Cis but I stopped practicing a while ago

very few people have the opportunity to make meaningful choices when it comes to housing

The trick to horny posting is to never post about what you're actually horny for

Silver lining of the economic disintegration of the US, the US military will run out of money

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