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In an effort to be a better Canadian, all of my posts will be bilingual.

Pour être un plus bons Canadien, tout mon postes sera bilangue.

“Wokescolding” is the name of an architectural feature and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Have you kids heard about this sexy new trend?

It’s called “obtaining affirmative consent” and it’s so fucking hot.

There's so many nice people here. It'd sure be a shame if someone... summoned Satan.

Bringing liberal Star Wars fans to mastodon with my new instance: change.porg

Gender, cis people 

Why don't directors cover movies? I want to see Wes Anderson's Saving Private Ryan

nuclear disarmament, large object insertion, lewd 

The Lobster Man 

Fuck it I'm an adult, potato chips and cheese curds for dinner

dealer: hey wanna buy some death sticks?

Me: why are they called that?

dealer: they straight kill you. As a dealer, this makes sense for me to sell to people.

Me: Are they cheap?

dealer: Hell no. I have to mark them up hugely because nobody ever buys more.

Me: are you gonna keep complaining, or are you gonna sell me some death sticks

Ok, so the prequels actually get better as time goes on... not because they're good mind you, but because their politics become more relevant with time #StarWarsFedi

i'm like 90% straight and even i have a gay card. they just give them out to whoever asks.

You know those friends that say "I think it's time to look for a boy/girlfriend" and then like 3 weeks later they've met the love of their life? Ya I hate them

I have a sudden and overwhelming desire to eat, what the fuck??

Given name:
Family name:
Other names you have used in the past 5 years:
Other genders you have used in the past 5 years:

@dankwraith see also: "welfare reform" where you add purported cost-cutting measures to prevent fraud, but the amount of money you spend on maintaining the bureaucracy that checks these cost-saving measures is more than you save by denying people service for bullshit reasons

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