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*right when the credits start rolling on a family guy episode*
PETER GRIFFIN: you know I love fighting that giant chicken
LOIS: but this is just a cartoon
STEWIE: the real “giant chicken” is in the White House
MEG: and we need your help to fight him in the real world
BRIAN: so make sure to resist President Trump
CHRIS: and thanks for watching our little show!

Bus drivers who let you on even when your travel card declines are true comrades

The only rice purity test is whether or not you rinse your rice

we're here

we're don't

dead open

queer we

shit inside

fuck up

@soyvietunion ok it’s out of my system back to our scheduled programming

it's alarming how mainstream the Trump/Russia conspiracies are.

Oh boy I’m in a mood now this shit hits a nerve

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i think something americans have a really hard time with, even leftists, is the idea that you have to take a hard stance on everything even if you have incomplete information. you dont have to play world police and doing so plays right into the hands of capital - at this point its clear that any negative perceptions you have of a foreign place will eventually be used to justify imperial warmongering. just be careful is all i'm saying

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21 pilots but it’s just people pitching tv shows

Polish people really copped it with our surnames they’re either completely unpronounceable to anglos or translate to some fucked shit like liver or cabbage

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