I’ve decided to main zero suit Samus in smash cause she’s hot and has a mole like I do

@soyvietunion in positive news I’m on day 2 of quitting smoking so 👏

Hi pals it’s been a while I’ll try to start coming on a bit more regularly again soon

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Under communism games that don’t let you save at *any* moment you want will be illegal


*me, listening to a Freddie Mercury song* go off Queen

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Pals gimme ur book recs its almost Christmas holidays and I gotta read some political stuff

My husband really just walks in and says “we’re leaving in 5 minutes” while I’m sitting in my pjs, men are a different breed


Eating the rich is actually vegan because they don’t bring Spyro to the switch

Seeing bohemian rhapsody tomorrow get around it lads

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Oh good my fan broke right in time for summer 😌

English people just be putting the word sex in the names of counties like it’s nothing

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