Good news, my flatmate is gone so I can repeat this exercise without headphones!


Sometimes I am struck by the desire to listen to the cheesiest songs I can think of.

I'm gonna spend the next 20 minutes rocking out to "Kiss from a Rose" and "I will always love you" and possibly "My heart will go on"

creepy illustrations behind a cw just in case 

NSFW, sex acts in a painting 

Me: hmm I wonder what this movie is about
Joker: *writes down mental illness*
Me: ahh, thank you Joker

From what I know, skeletons almost exclusively play brass instruments.

Paging @garfiald any suggestions for super dramatic tragedies I can direct?

@checkervest imagining the entire theater in a weird trance swaying to the rhythm of the music as the Chevrolet logo watches over all

I probably get to direct another play next year which is super fucking cool but that also means I'm gonna need to decide soon what I actually wanna do and I simply do not fucking know...

@Bashabez5 sans serif fonts were invented as cost cutting measures. So. I blame capitalists for making Serif fonts Too Expensive

Can't wait to try doing some flowers on my really cool denim jacket and ruining it because I don't actually know how embroidery works

I put this on a canvas shopping bag because I don't have random spare cloth lying around. I'm just gonna practice on this thing for a while before I move on to doing stuff on actual clothes

Ever since I saw a friend do embroidery I wanted to try it myself.

Behold: I made a leaf!

It's not very good, but it's a first attempt with zero instructions so I am pretty impressed with myself


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