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It's saturday night, which means it's time to PARTY...

... on my OWN

... with COFFEE

... and a BOOK

... just the way I like it


The storm just full-on flung the front door wide open and slammed it, then the power went out, storm knows I was talking shit

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To be fair, I only took this to prove to someone that I look like a sweaty mess so it's not like I was trying to look hot, but still, my exhausted sweaty face is really not my best side

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Some people look hot when they take post workout selfies, I am not one of those people

It also has the same "problem" that I had with Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition and the last two Assassins Creed games: I like the main story but I'm doing everything else first so I'm already vastly overleveled

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All the classic open world stealth action skill tree level up your gear stuff is as fun as these things get, the combat with all the different types of arrows and bombs that you need to use to have a shot against the machines is extremely fun, the story is really good so far and the worldbuilding and exposition are handled extremely well so far

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I've been playing Horizon Zero Dawn for a couple days and it's fucking excellent... I'm a huge sucker for open world stealth action stuff, I've lost countless hours in the last two Assassins Creed games and played a lot of Mafia 3 lately, so of course I was gonna like this but GOD DAMN it's an all round well made piece of media

I've been sick the entire day but I can now drink tea without throwing up and my headache is a bit better so I can read books again

paints, RANKED:
1. oil. prettiest colors and long work time. plus it feels *squishy*
2. watercolor. pain to work with but it looks pretty. pure pigment is best, tube paints 2nd, dry blocks are awful
3. acrylic. ugly colors and dries too fast. feel plasticy >:[
-other paints that i haven't used and don't know about-
5. gouache. the evilist of all art mediums

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a close cis friend just messaged me for advice on how to use neopronouns for a character in a short story he's writing and I'm 🤩😍


caught sight of myself in the little medicine cabinet mirror in the basement laundry room

Ahhhhh!! One of my former athletes just emailed my old coworker to check on me and make sure I was alright during this wild ass 2020 :blobaww: :blobaww: :blobaww:

This is a kid who went from absolute silence to shouting "hey Miss Jen" & waving from across the quad when he saw me out of the training room JUST BECAUSE I took the time to ask about his ritual scarification.

Take the time to celebrate cultures that aren't your own!!

It would take me 44 years currently, and 35 years at my old salary, to make what Tommy Tuberville did in 1 year.

Ask people in Alabama how long it would take them to earn $2 million. Then tell them Tuberville thinks $600/ week is too much for them.

Fuck this guy, Im so mad

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