Star Wars 

Star Wars 

Honestly though, I should probably just reread "The Goblin Emperor", that's exactly the kind of comfy shit I need right now

Pride & Prejudice is still the most wonderful cozy comfort read and I'm almost scared of finishing it.
Fortunately I have a lot of other stuff waiting for me

I'm done taking pictures of Evelyn, I'm never going to top these

I häve been inschtruckted bei Herr Söder to inform ze general public zat Bavaria vill now proceed to annex ze entirety of vat has until now been ze Federal Republik of Dschörmäany.

Ze Bayernwehr vill soon beginn occupying ze territory of ze former Republik änd ve are kindly asking ze population of ze occupied territories to refräng from resisting.

Herr Söder vill be crowned King äs of Bavaria ät ze beginning of Februar and ve expect all citizens to show up in ze streets cärrying Bavarian flags for ze ensuing cäläbrätions.

Zis vill be all for now.

Horst Seehofer,

I had a scary dream about garfield. I am not prepared to elaborate on this.

I'm about halfway through Pride & Prejudice and this book is the best comfort read I could have right now, I love it so much

for a year or so whenever anyone talked about vaporwave I misread it as vaporware, you know, games and software that never release, and boy was it confusing

Food, dumb joke 

Most of the time I'm all like 'aww, cats, they're good n cute' and then I hear cats fighting in the garden at like 1am and I'm all 'should we ban cats? the signs point to yes'



Mr Collins proposal is deeply awful on so many levels and it's painful to read in the best way.

Lizzie fucks up a bunch in this book, but she did NOT deserve this, Jane Austen you are CRUEL

I genuinely believe this is one of the best pictures ever taken of me

I have a cozy armchair now motherfuckers!!!

EC in picture, which was taken by my amazing best friend who not only took me to Ikea so I could get it, he also helped carry it to the fourth floor


Mr. Collins, Miss Bingley and Mr. Wickham can all totally fuck off

I'm finally reading Pride & Prejudice again after about 14 years and it's unbearably excellent


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