Conservatism is not an old people only "affliction", folks are right wing from they're young. That's why this whole boomer meme doesn't really hit the point because lots of racists are millennials and zoomers.

CW: bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, racism 

Vivaldi's Four Season, Summer - Presto used to not stir anything in me but since Painting of A Lady on Fire tho... ๐Ÿ˜›

Issue: racism, cishet dude: There will be always pro and contra. In a sane world we're going to just outright punch someone who's pro racism in the fucking face, but I don't know anymore. Also, English is not my first language but is this what's called "Devil's Advocate"?

I seriously can't deal with cis men who think every issue is debatable, like racism or LGBT rights. You're also going to be seen as unnecessarily aggressive if you fight them, especially if you're a woman.

Why many popular Linux Youtubers are fascists tho -_-
It's weird that there's almost no leftist Linux Youtube channel because it's actually perfectly suitable for communism.

By the way I tried installing cracked GOG Fallout NV on my Solus but there's no music and radio sound (all other sound works great). It worked smoothly out of the box with Debian. I've tried most available suggestion online (weirdly there's none in Solus forum with similar complain). Really think to go back to Debian but I couldn't stand the outdated packages...

I have heard friends and family said, "We live in a capitalist society, deal with it" as if it's a natural state of the world, as in how the sun rises from the East ๐Ÿ˜‚ They said it when I complained about jobs that cause me breakdowns but don't pay well. Being "realistic" doesn't mean accepting the oppressive status quo and keep it going. We have every right to be angry and complain.

Privacy policies are key to safeguard Internet usersโ€™ privacy while browsing. In the reproductive rights space, our research in Peru revealed that websites misinforming on contraception and abortion care did not have one.

Long rant about state surveillance 

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Long rant about state surveillance 

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Long rant about state surveillance 

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Long rant about state surveillance 

So what happens if the world become stateless and people can choose to live and move anywhere? Not all locations can produce the same stuff, like what if people on the north want bananas? Should they move to the south? Seems unpractical. So my conclusion is, in a communist world, trade will still exist. Its purpose is to fulfill people's need (instead of profit) and it will be equal (not like the current neoliberal forced unequal exchange).

By moving to socialism means doing welfare state first; defund the police and reallocate the fund to services that actually help people. Those services are free food, free housing, free healthcare (increased support to medical workers and infrastructure), free education, etc.

You can't abolish the police without abolishing capitalism. With the oppressive hierarchy intact, the role of the police will be taken by some other group/institution instead. Doesn't mean you shouldn't demand for it but be prepared, by letting go of liberalism and move to socialism.

So do people know there's a cyclone in Bangladesh and the second outbreak of ebola in Congo?

Long post, US Pol 

Long post, US pol 

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