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For my work trips, if I'm passing through north Charlotte at the right time of the day, I stop at Ikea for lunch.

With lunch, I always have the dingleberry fountain soda. Actually ligonberry, lol.

Then I go fawn over a few items in the showroom, then continue my driving.




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A working-in-a-restaurant memory from long ago.

There was an evil woman and her rather nice scared waifish husband who were regulars. She was a howling mess of the "everything is wrong, and all of y'all are stupid" type.

Her husband choked on his food. Our bartender ran out and gave him the Heimlich, which most likely saved his life. For once, she was nice and thankful.

They came back the next week, and she was back in evil mode. We all joked to ourselves and the bartender, if he chokes again, just let him go.

The husband was a nice guy, though.

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With the precision of an atomic clock, dog stomachs have signaled that "it's WAY past five, where's our dinner?" Five dogs are staring and pressuring. I better get in there and get 'er done.

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