gender reveals have killed more people than antifa

i am so glad that the autumn is finally here, i love walking around in sweaters constantly, also, there is no Insects

chopped and screwed hobo johnson remix called slowmo johnson

school sux why can't i play stardew valley instead

i wish i didn't have shit ton of work today, as one does

evening listen:

first time listening to this album and it makes me feel a lot of things. it's a proper autumn album. it is like leaves turning gold, nights getting longer but you get to see wonderful sunsets at 5:00p.m.
like you are going to sleep, but is going to be a pleasant sleep and you'll awake feeling rested.

Dudes today are too soft. That’s what’s wrong with society. Back in ancient times dudes were carved from stone and they were just a head and shoulders on a pedestal and that was badass.

took these pics on a walk i went on a week ago. putting them here since i find them very calming.


tweets on this acc are mostly in slovene. if you want to follow my english acc you can do that here:

warm take:

if you hate modern pop while claiming how good michael jackson or beatles are, you don't deserve to have an opinion

kinda want to start with digital art and upload stuff on here but we'll see how this goes

wow i cant believe Google, the company that makes all their money by spying on everyone, put a microphone on the home appliance device they said definitely didnt have a microphone on it

trying to overthrow capitalism but im dummy thicc and the clap from my asscheeks keeps alerting the bourgeois

listening to old Paramore albums and now i am 13 again, i just bought my first edgy black t-shirt with a skull print on it and now i am ready to roll my eyes at all of the preps at middle school

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