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so a wrench got thrown into things when the wifi went out for a bit. i'm at 2k right now and i wanna at least finish this chapter tonight, hopefully hitting 3k in the process

doing 2 40-minute sprints before dinner in hopes of crossing the 3k mark, maybe. just finished my first one and im at 1350, so i'll have to really push it for the lat 1700 ish, but i think ive got it

Me this summer: im gonna cut out caffeinated drinks bc they make me irritable
Me now: doesn't have a coffee and is immediately pissed and fucking everything up for everyone

meta, trans gatekeeping 

all you gotta say to destroy a cis man is "south park isn't funny"

oh you respect trans people? name five times you've questioned your own relationship to gender and come away with a more meaningful self-definition

me: uhh vibe check, some of y’all aren’t communists and it shows and honestly??? Not Valid dawg uwu

the rest of my family at the thanksgiving table: what

i only wrote 1400 for nano yesterday bc after class i just went to my room and decomposed for a while so if i dont hit 3k today im gonna be disappointed in myself

in all seriousness one of the most obnoxious things about mental health is the chicken-egg problem of feeling too bad to do things that will make you feel better

riley is masto's lil sibling and if you're mean to them i'll destroy you

on the bright side we're getting a dunkin on campus next semester

graphic design students: spend $5 on a shitty coffee from the cafe down the street
every other art student: if there's no coffee in the dining hall we die

wearing makeup makes me look a lot more cis than i'd like but doing my makeup BADLY just makes me look like an edgy androgynous emo kid which is much better

im so tired and the dining hall still doesnt have coffee but at least my eyeshadow is cute

i registered for classes 2 weeks ago and NOW one of the profs from the class i almost got into says that there's space and gave me a permission number to use
buddy it's too little too late i already picked another class and decided to use my other elective in the fall for the next section of it smh

i got a they/them pin for my lanyard and im enjoying it very much

@singingmousai dear good fucking christ on a bike this is TERRIFYING and UNHOLY and I am in AWE at your power

fuck this [becomes a jenny holzer inflammatory essay]

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