suicide ment 

i had to explain away my suicidality to my own mother who hasn't said a peep about it since *she* brought it up, let alone bothering to help me seek help

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i'm so, so sick of pretending. i'm tired of having to live a double life just to please people. whenever i have the audacity to be who i really am people get angry because it doesn't fit their idea of me. why don't i ever get a say in it?

(boosts appreciated)

I've got a Wacom tablet I don't need anymore and im looking for a black creator who I can gift it to. lmk if you or anyone you know could use it!

a microtransaction is when you do something and you are trans and very small

today's developments
1. i am guy-adjacent and have strong reservations about having to work to pass as female for my family, but also
2. [does a high kick] feel my leg i just shaved

Caring more about fictional LGBTQ people than actual living LGBTQ people is just a cool trick to be openly homophobic and transphobic

my room almost doesnt look like a bomb went off in it anymore

just need to clear off my dresser

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i never thought i'd ever be able to get organized but im... getting organized

lol the LAPD just announced that officers won't be paid for overtime during protests because they are running out of money, officers say morale is at "rock bottom"

rewatching stargate sg-1 for the first time in god knows how long, oh the nostalgia

Idk if links to instagram work but some of yall NEED THIS

Visual thread on white fragility and cancel culture

ugh i dont think im gonna be able to draw today. my head is weird

im okay with it tho bc today will be my first off-day this wk which is better than ive been doing

TERFs, misgendering, racism 

Never forget that TERFs talking about trans men as innocent, misguided, in need of defending, and TERF rhetoric about "our butches" or "our tomboys" are very much rooted in conceptions of WHITE womanhood.

White women in the white supremacist imagination are conceived of as pure, innocent, in need of defending, yet sometimes misguided by violent, rape-y black men. White supremacists stew over protecting "[their] women" from the perceived sexual menace of black men.

someone remind me to do that 100 axis gender abomination in the morning

hello to the world it is good to be forsaken by god, time to attack and dethrone the fucker i say

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