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But it’s the biggest fish, you say. This is the game’s way of subverting you against the very concept of rules. Link is an De Cleyre-style Anarchist now.

Teach a man to fish using the sinking lure and his fish is not eligible for a prize since the sinking lure is illegal.

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Give a man a fish suit and he’s a fish man for a day.

Folks used to joke that one day you could pay Nintendo to beat games for you but now they’re selling Metroid half-beaten and I don’t even

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in this house, we stan an anarchist queen

I like white people because they could call anything “funky” at any time.

Since we’re posting about albums from the early 90s, this one tells you exactly when it was released in the intro as a courtesy. youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0X

Christmas is the only time normies listen to music written before 1980 and they enjoy remembering what anything other than a I VI V or vi chord sounds like.

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Capitalism is the most efficient system for applying asbestos to babies.

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Someone is just posting Harry Potter screenshots to instagram am I allowed to mock them in real life?

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Last Christmas, I gave you my fart

(Has anyone done this yet?)

The very next day, you shat it away.

(This is okay right?)

This year, to save me from tears
I'm gonna have diarrhea.

Making fun of another generation (boomers, millennials) is an easy way to get your two minutes hate while safely being nonspecific about any particular person.

Tired: Business casual
Wired: Dress like it's a cool wedding every damned day

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