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handing out 3d printed g*ns at the function like drug candy at a rave

really glad that we debated all the right wing weirdos in the marketplace of ideas until they left.... oh wait you mean we just blocked them instead and cut off the supply of troll food that they require to sustain themselves, leaving their communities to rot in their own hateful filth? who could have predicted this

Organic farms rely on overworking their laborers and hiring migrant workers. This is true across the board. Even the very small scale farms I know often have "work-share" employees who are unpaid but given veggies for their work, or even having volunteer days to do big projects. There's nothing wrong with community labor, but the profits are not shared between all workers, they are concentrated at the top with the (white, cis) owners. The CSA model is not financially sustainable without labor exploitation.

Traditional agriculture is far, far worse. Labor abuse is extremely common. The farmer-owner class frequently makes bids for pity because they suffer high rates of injury and mental illness. These concerns are valid, but the trauma and injuries incurred by migrant laborers are at least 4x worse and go undocumented because migrant laborers are often not covered by the farm's insurance or worker comp programs.

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Randomly delighted by the design and presentation of the Matra & Hachette Ordinateur Alice series of home computers from the mid 1980s.

Along with Melissa Joan Hart's performance in Clarissa Explains It All, this solidified my belief that this is what the typical computer programmer looked like.


Don't think for a minute that megacorps haven't recruited and held on to hackers and tech folk for reasons... We fuel their innovation, and make their visions reality.

Do not underestimate your worth to them.

Do not underestimate their need to subdue your wilder thoughts.

Now that the Roommate Ordeal is over the lingering memory that remains is sitting at my work desk in a cramped room with two other people, worrying that the Roommate would pick today for the next violent outburst, and listening to Disintegration by The Cure to try and stay calm until I could clock out

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playing "gimme 20 dollars" at suspenseful moments in the Arkham Horror board game

Undergoing the unspeakable trial of "installing hearthstone on my tablet" in order to win the favor of a beautiful woman

“Ah, so you’d like every meal to be like eating leftovers, I have just the thing…”
*walks to bookshelf*
*pulls out book*
*it’s “The Complete Guide to Meal Prep”*

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Hey everyone, my name is Sam Hill. I'm a mixed-raced, status Kanien'kehá:ka from the Six Nations of the Grand River Rez, Turtle Clan. Queer musician and artist. I'm mostly working with sculpture and painting right now but I LOVE playing around with anything I can get my hands on. Gotta keep it fresh and new, right? :blobcatfingerguns: I write, play and sing my own music.

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