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This piece from Chingy’s substack should have put an end to the tiresome kink discourse:
“Rather than just accepting that we’re allowed to dislike something other people enjoy, we’ve developed an ugly tendency to moralize our objections to that which makes us feel othered or uncomfortable.”

Read the whole thing.🖤

sorry babe my gaming laptop is revving up its fans I can't hear you

"What did you do during the Trump era?" a liberal asked a Portland anarchist.

"Oh, you know... we fought cops, blockaded fascists, occupied ICE facilities, defended families from eviction, and confronted DHS every night."

"Wow, Portland sounds pretty cool," said the liberal. "Where I live, all those things are illegal!"

Tools and Tactics in the Portland Protests:

horrible erotica quote 

i’m sorry but the phrase “i love you. pull my head off” would be really hot in any context EXCEPT the one it’s actually in

I don't think it was supposed to be funny but "there's a shortage in the blood supply... but there's no shortage of blood" makes me cackle



pruntle or tamb or wonklr or shh or erdo or rungle or awk or prently or joomy or quack or hedgehog or krunk or slippi or niply or yurki or doopla or oshin or urdle or frappo or krudli or sayso or okae or pinkler or stimpo or qwont or cabbage or stumpy or houzzer or blint or tunt or exxy or plonkr or drongle or bimpsy or ruddl or letty or scromp or wangler or joop or twungle or scoup or shedly or crappr or honkler or trang or milki or coffe or kangry or jongl or walkies or meep or harg or anus or

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I like #fediversefleamarket as a name btw, whoever's reading this and going "Well I know activitypub and I've got some free time" pls don't call it fediflea or fedicarboot in beta and then when it's time to go live give it a crap name like bumpler or friddle or globly or weasl, I know how this goes, heck off with that twee rubbish

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Don't call it womblr or tumpy or jimble or nardl or hipsy or Alan or nooper or Florence or hatsy or ecycle or bonr or trinkle or schoop or fliv, call it something that makes sense pls

Your mascot should be a badly-drawn raccoon rummaging through the trash and the site should be ugly and have a name like or or, don't call it castout or junkfree or sweetspace or shoplocal or nubyle or fir or drum or hungle or

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Me: [chanting] kissinger, kissinger-

Other accounts: kissinger, KISSINGER

Admin: [pounding their keyboard] KISSINGER, KISSINGER, KISSINGER!


every cis person owes me an 8th sorry i dont make the rules

congrats to all y’all british for getting another gender neutral bathroom

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