Nothin like changing your age on your bio from 20 to 21.

We went to TGI Fridays today bc my friend had never had a mozzarella stick before. When midnight hit, I turned 21 right outside the TGIF but I'm not gonna lie, my friend's first mozzarella stick was 10 more magical.

Religion(Christianity), blasphemous joke, kinky sex, spanking, 

Mention of phone licking 

Me with shaved hair 

fuck yeah, I'm getting the game of the year edition that comes with a poster and the dlc season pass

Me with shaved hair 

Queer people are far more ancient than current rainbow-washed discourse pointedly allows for.

The existence of girl-friends implies the existence of girl-enemies

So, my mom and I order groceries.Today the grocery store accidentally gave us 10 avacados instead of 5 avacados. There were two bags of 5, so naturally I couldn't help myself from holding a bag in each hand, waving them around, and screaming "FREE SHAVACADO!"

sometimes I leave a half-composed post in the toot box overnight as either a gift or to mess with morning Grace

Gender and Sexuality shitpost? 

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