Eye contact selfie 

Here I am, dropping a selfie and leaving again. I cut and dyed my own hair and also stuck on my old prom dress and took a dirty mirror selfie bc I'm a bad bitch.

Also btw if pagans were in charge every holiday would be a week long but Christianity and Capitalism had to ruin that for everyone. Way to go.

Today I told someone "I'll keep you in my pagan prayers."

Here I am again, to drop a few shitposts and then leave for weeks.

How do I unsubscribe from shitpost dream cable and subscribe to prophetic dream cable? Last night I had a dream about filling a car trunk with mac salad and that was just too much for me.

Ya'll when radical town dies I probably will too. Because I don't know how to fuckin move my account.

Btw ya'll I'm getting a long furby this week and if I get 10 boosts I'll do a photoshoot w it. (I'm doing a photoshoot no matter what but give me the boosts for my ego plz).

For the record, fuck Disney and I won't pay them for their movies. But I do admittedly love them.

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One day, I want to go to a karaoke bar in my most fucking alternative outfit. And then I'm going to sing a fucking Frozen song.

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You can be goth and sing High School Musical songs. You can't change my mind.

radtown was held together by duct tape and hope, and goddammit ive never seen anything go farther with just duct tape and hope

Can ya'll favorite this post enough to get us to 420? Because that would be the peak of my existence.

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