Why are people always dicks to robots in sci fi? Like, our roomba is literally a circle with wheels and it still feels animate and we anthropomorphize it.

Private schools should be illegal.

Yes, all of them.

Yes, *all* of them.

No further questions.

the *idea* of cars: super great, car go vroom, wheel do a spinny

the *reality* of cars: horrible burden on society, should be replaced with well funded public transit

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Dumb post about my significant other. 

They also don't spin around in circles and jump a foot into the air when I come home.

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Dumb post about my significant other. 

I love my partner, but they don't sit at the edge of my bed and whine until I invite them up for attention like my dog does. Tbh I think that's my partner's greatest downfall.

Me, eye contact, vaguely sexy 

I've been stuck in the house and I need people to look at me being dramatic and goth.

Ground-type attacks are Super Effective against landlords

food, breakfast cereal shitpost 

you're telling me, a bee nutted these cheery o's?

The absolute best time on the internet was the era when everyone on Earth and their grandma were engaged in an international copyright theft ring. Organized crime on a scale the world had never known and might not ever know again. Then streaming came out and it was basically good enough and everyone quickly forgot that it ever happened.

sharks are great, fucking dinosaur fish. some sea folk were all like 'let's get on that land, evolve some feet and get credit cards', but the sharks didn't buy into that hipster terra firma shit, they stayed true to the sea and became legends. epic.

"sapphic" is when you're standing on a cliff at the edge of the sea with your tiddies out yearning for that one really cute bottom who's thousands of miles away


Some enbies go by a shortened version of their birth name. I'm one of them. But sometimes I forget because like, it's still part of my birth name.

Anyways, I talk to myself a lot. And sometimes I slip and use my birth name. And it's like ??? Bitch, I really do be out here deadnaming myself.

9/11 discussion, Islamaphobia discussion, nsfw, Bush, also a bad joke 

Idk my friend group probably:
"Look, I know all of us are resentful towards the US for using 9/11 as justification for Islamaphobia and harming civilians, but we have a new person hanging out with us today so we can't talk about George W. Bush shoving melted steel beams up his asshole."

if you like animals and pride flags, check out my friend's ( @sharkbyte_oohaha ) redbubble shop. Currently featuring raccoons but soon will be expanding to sharks and other animals. The list of flags featured will also be expanding soon to include genderfluid, pan, demiboy, demigirl, and polyamorous on top of the current lesbian, rainbow, bi, trans, and nonbinary

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