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I tried tying my hair back for the first time in a long while, I used to hate it like this, but I actually like it now! ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

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The most complete transition timeline I've ever made:

Also proof that HRT made me age backwards.

Boosts 👍

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Just got a new hair style! Check it out! This is the first time I've tried a side/undercut and I think I really like it! :trans_comm: 💕 🐇

spooky boy got his new tattoo / a 10 year old mistake has finally been covered (sounds like a Brand New or Bright Eyes title)

flag burning 

selfie, ec, boost+ 

Waiting in the Subway, listening to Underpass by John Foxx (Selfie, EC, Boosts+++)

The only anime I'm interested in. 

"is Anna May another one of your tea cup people?" -my mother, when I was starting highschool.

Apparently she thought that anime had some kind of relation to Emilie Autumn, 'The Tea Cup Person'.

I will never forget that.

Silly advertising fail 

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Morning selfie, ec, boost+ 

you, a fool: you don't hate mondays, you hate ~capitalism~

me, wise: actually i can hate more than one thing at a time due to my Enormous Brain

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