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selfies ec and trans update (boosts and faves +++) 

cute selfies of me, where I actually think I "pass"? 

transition update/stuff, enormous+, selfies, ec, nocap, boost+ 

selfie, ec, nocap, boost+ 

selfies ec boosts ++ 

on pride / gender stuff 

selfie, ec, nocap, boost+ 

selfies / ec / boosts ++ 

Boomers: waht is my facebook dot com password
Gen X: Where to download Pearl Jam Live Recordings?
Millienials: debt gone if dead
Zoomer; math game 4 kids classdojo

insult PSA / lewdish mention /silly 

selfies on a walk / ec /boosts okay! 

selfies /ec / boosts ok 

I'm a simple boy.
I lay on the floor and like head pats.
Sometimes people even cuddle with me.
I like that too! Especially when they give me snacks and keep me warm.

selfies in my jamjams/ eye contact / today was productive and I'm exhausted. 

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