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vibe check?? where do i deposit it?

I hope all my trans siblings are having a good time this holiday season,
remember you're loved and appreciated more than you can imagine

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Catching my breath after a day of being enthusiastically bisexual.

Okay that dark green anarchy podcast was pretty good. It's all about living off the land and not depending on technology n stuff. He was also talking about foraging and other cool stuff. I'm gonna watch the next episode when it comes out :3

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New Year's Resolution: Execute the Tories by hanging for crime against humanity before 2021

Jeff Bezos alone is worth over $100 bn. It would only cost 6% of his total wealth to pay *rent* for the entire homeless population of California for one year.

Imagine if that money were put into, for example, homes

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yesterday i couldnt remember the word "cellar" and eventually conveyed the meaning to my sister as "normal dungeon"

Anarchist News: **What is Dark Green Anarchy?**

"From Dark Green Anarchy, By HP Wombat Rants on anti-technology, minimal living, anarchist theory, practice, and philosophy. Tags: Dark Green AnarchyGreen anarchyanti-civpodcasttechnologytheorypractice"

#anarchism #bot

anyone wanna go drink juice and sit on a wall

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