Still now, when I think about Amazon Prime Day, it saddens me to see how the holiday has become so cheapened. It’s all about getting the best deals, and no one stops to think about the true reason for the season: absolutely destroying independent bookstores.

this twitter thread from a couple years ago in which the author provides captions for various tarot cards makes me laugh every time I remember it so here you go

The problem with a table saw is that it's a table AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT BLOODY HAPPENS TO THOSE DON'T WE


Atom Text Editor ( ) is a 194 megabyte download and takes 792 megabytes after installing.

792 megabytes for a text editor.

Does anyone else find this excessive? What in heck is USING all that space????

fun fact: the first VCR my family ever owned had a remote control. the remote control plugged into the front of the VCR and had a twenty-five foot wire.

I’m looking for a new mastodon server. If anyone has recommendations for a chill place that’s taking new people, let me know.

I still don't get why so many people are cheering for a fictional character who skins puppies. I also didn't get the Joker love either. Well I get it but I don't like it.

I feel like celebrating sociopaths and making them your heroes is not really a great thing for a culture, long-term, maybe? "Are we the baddies?" Well your heroes are, so...

Could be a fun sequel writing challenge though. Fork the Dalmatians universe, or lean hard into the evilness and see if the family audience come along?

just came out to the lab annex

a squirrel was on a dead branch of a giant maple in the backyard

the squirrel decided to pounce a fly on the dead branch

the dead branch decided it was sick of the tree's shit and was going solo on the ground

the squirrel rode the dead branch all the way down and jumped, at the last second, from the dead branch to the base of the tree trunk as the dead branch became a big stick on the ground

squirrels are pretty hecking agile for a critter with an acorn-sized brain.

“My body’s a temple”
“Well, now it’s an amusement park”

The most copied StackOverflow snippet of all time is flawed

(submitted by vinnyglennon)

I misread "Speed Racer" as "Speed Rancor" and now I really want to see that particular Star Wars spinoff series.

restaurants: aw geez why doesn't anyone wanna freakin work anymore!!!

also restaurants:

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