US pol & "free speech" 

I hope Senator Blackburn has Life Alert™ because it appears she's tripped on a very low bar and suffers from the crippling affliction of rank partisanship.

Facebook tells academics to stop monitoring its political ads for rule-breaking

(submitted by Garbage)

**Tanzanians vote in presidential election amid fears of violence**

"Analysts say President John Magufuli is likely to win re-election as opposition parties accuse him of intimidation."

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Dear lazyweb: I've been pulling all my photos off GPhoto and iCloud for space reasons but I miss having them all searchable (well, semi-searchable what with Google ML's comical idea of what is a "cat" etc).

So it's probably time to get them all properly tagged and whatnot - what is a good Linux photo management package?

(Major bonus points if it can gather all the photos from the various directories they're in and leave symlinks so the various Inkscape files with embedded photos still work.)

Say hello to my latest open-source project: gitflux 🎉

Track your GitHub projects in InfluxDB and create beautiful graphs with Grafana!

Everything is better with beautiful graphs 😍

solved problem, n (scientific, especially computer science) an unsolved problem, possibly fundamentally unsolvable

So, to recap the companies that added themselves to my shitlist in 2020:

RIAA (and their members): youtube-dl

Hachette / Penguin / Wiley: suing the Internet Archive

Youtube: breaking youtube-dl

Wizards of the Coast and d20 in general: too much to explain here in a toot.

Any other asshole companies want to be added to this list?

(note: not a request toot. Start your own shitlist.)

Incredible work by trashhalo and @fribbledom rendering graphics in the terminal with Bubble Tea. 🌈

Check out the before and after where they utilize old school BBS style rendering techniques to double the vertical resolution:

I hope someone is keeping a list of all the terrible people in public office and I hope Kristi Noem, Governor of SD, is on that list.

On the long shot that Democrats actually take the senate and presidency, these folks are going to try to slink off like Nazis to Argentina.

Once again I'm back on my "The RIAA doesn't get one more red cent from me until they stop being idiots about things".

Hit me up if you would like some music to listen to in the interim.

Been into the woods again. They're preparing an invasion. Our time is up.

"I reverse engineered McDonald's internal ordering API and I'm currently placing an order for a McSundae every minute at every McDonald's location in the US to figure out which ones have a broken ice cream machine."


Rollerskater is back with "ROLLERSKATER: CARNIVORE"!

[cw for graphic violence and some disturbing imagery]

Joined a scifi book club so I fired my Nook up to get Paper Menagerie... only to find out that the entire Nook ecosystem has been down for like a week because of some sort of malware.

Sounds pretty catastrophic.

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