Am I the only one that sometimes uses their cats ears like gun sights to try to figure out what the hell they’re staring at?

phishing, people suck 

The kickstarter for my Rooted in Trophy game, Climbing the Witch's Tower, is now live. Check it out for fairytale horror, some fun collaborations, and potentially me making a full tarot deck.

I was commenting to my wife that I just don’t see where Bloomberg is spending all that ad money. I’ve seen a few commercials but that’s it. She says it’s all over Facebook.

That explains it. I consider this a feature, not a bug.

Entire Apollo 11 Guidance Computer Source Code is now in the public domain

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Me, 5 years ago: "Nah, colors just aren't for me, I'll never get the hang of painting in color! I just don't like colors I guess." *draws graphite sketch*
Me now:

Make my birthday, sign up to my Patreon for one month for a single dollar. Then quit the subscription after helping out some disabled queer who's constantly at their wits end!

If I make $10 it'll be the happiest most profitable day of my life in this year of our cat 2020.

PSA: Using reference in art is okay! It is nothing to be ashamed of, *especially* if you took the reference photos yourself. It doesn't diminish the worth of the work.
It is also totally fine to be (heavily) inspired by other artist's work! It is a normal thing to learn from others.
Thank you for your attention.

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Hey, so these tarot block prints have been because of a #ttrpg project I have going live on Kickstarter this Friday.

If you like fairytale horror, I'd really appreciate your support. I have been working really hard on the writing and think this should serve as an enjoyable reading experience as well as an actual game. Plus, I have some really cool stretch goals with friends (and if I need another, I might go ahead and make my own tarot deck 🙀 )

You're Safe Now.

The real reason for my #FGO #cosplay, so I can give Jack the hugs she deserves!

Sad three word story 

I'm not letting Shankly share my lunch and I have broken his entire heart

To-day Iain Banks would've been celebrating his 66th birthday. Sadly, he was lost to us in 2013.

I only met Iain once, and it was a very short encounter. Bizarrely, it was in the tinned fruit & veg aisle of a supermarket in Fort William. As both of us were just making some quick purchases before rushing off elsewhere, I didn't have time to tell him why he was actually one of my friends. Not long afterwards he announced he had terminal cancer.


#OTD #writing #ScienceFiction

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