Taxes ⚰️ 

Fuck 👏 you 👏 H&R Block 👏

This year they introduced "we've added this credit!" -> "you can't add this credit without upgrading to the $59.99 version" bullshit, and they do not make it easy to remove that credit lemme tell ya

But hey, state filing is free with them and not TurboTax (last I checked)
so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve been suffering the scourge of poison ivy all week. I didn’t get much on me, but it was enough. This weekend I’m going to eradicate it from the yard with extreme prejudice...

If you're in the mood for something very angry and very heavy that sits somewhere between grime and punk metal, have I got the album for you:
🎵 Bob Vylan - We Live Here 🎵

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We made this fuzz. I think it looks and sounds nice

Little bit of a vaccination hangover so I’m taking it easy this morning. Watching “Jason X” because it’s mindless. That said, where did Jason get a machete within two minutes of being released on a space ship?

i need my gigantic mechanized titan in order to kill the 30-50 feral spacedogs that raid my farm every night

I'm spending my first day working on the Maker Space tomorrow.

It's not really a Maker Space yet, it's just an empty building right now, but I'll use the maker space to make the makerspace.

It's bootstrapping time.

The sportsball fan in the house is watching the NFL draft. They just announced a pick and the GM/coaches/etc... are all hugging each other like they put a man on the moon. Professional sports are sort of ridiculous.

I really dislike the assertion that your musical tastes are formed when you're in your college years.

Fuck that.

You have a breadth of music available to you. If you only listened to one genre of music you can expand your horizons to limitless possibilities.

Give your ears something new to listen to and expand your musical vocabulary.

having to submit three forms of government ID and a urine sample to get people I've known for years on this site to accept a follow request because they can't be TOO careful when protecting their very sensitive posts like "I bet when Wario cums it sounds a'little something like this..."

This morning I shared about a proprietary software transforming 2D pictures into 3D pixel art.

In the afternoon, @seachaint made a similar free software in python using a XSLX file (Libreoffice Calc and Gnumeric supports it) and OpenSCAD for rendering. It works very well!

I love the Open source community!

#openscad #opensource

many software development jobs are reverse mullets, by which I mean there's a party up front with a really cool project to work on but it's all business in back and you'll spend most of your time fixing a billing and invoicing system.

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