This furry monster ate one leaf of Swiss chard yesterday and then spent two hours moaning and throwing up but he's clearly fine now

The Buffalo mayor has this to say about the 75 year old protester with the cracked skull:

Speaking of the injured man, the mayor said, "He was asked to leave numerous times last night."

Could somebody please educate the Mayor on the idea behind a protest?

"There is no 'black' or 'white', only people."

It's cute you think that, but you wanna tell that to the politicians making racist policies that kill us and empower others to kill us, the police killing us, the doctors and nurses killing us, the judges that it's okay to kill us, the jury who say killing us isn't murder, I mean, your opinion is irrelevant when there's institutional and cultural antiblackness that literally insists otherwise?

Hi all, my band has released our very first album today, after playing together for 5(?) years. We recorded it in December 2018 but we're sloooow like sloths. My eternal love goes to everyone who listens 💙💙💙

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I promise you, befriending your neighbors, working together, and showing them that a collective can work.

America is so "me me me" showing them that working together gets us farther is such a good thing.

And like, becoming a Big Brother, Big Sister or tutoring or cooking group meals or making a book club or offering to mentor the teen next door.

All of that shit is vital.

I get it if you can't protest, I can't either, I'm too infirmed. But I am not useless. And neither are you

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@sconlan I sort of forgot I’d set up some throw away addresses on a domain I own. Problem solved.

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pelgrane press, supporting NAACP, BLM 

As bandcamp waives there fees again tomorrow, I have some recommendations:

Solarized - A Ghost Across Hell From Me (hardcore punk)

Dälek - Endangered Philosophies (hip hop)

Concrete God - S/T EP (hard rock)

Against Nature - Leer (doom metal)

Iron Man - The Passage (doom metal)

**Will Hong Kong's democracy movement survive?**

"Annual Tiananmen Square massacre vigil banned as mainland China tightens grip on territory."

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I’m only $27 away from
The patreon goal that will let me pay my rent, bills and groceries in full at my new place! :patreon:

I’m finally shutting down my derelict Facebook account but I’m giving folks one last opportunity to connect with me. I’d like to leave a throw away email address that forwards to my real address and that I can delete after a month or so. Anyone have a recommendation for a good solution? Does protonmail have a solution?

Imma say it one last time for the folks in the back:

It isn't "blacks." Do not say "blacks." It's racist. It's antiblack as fuck and it is a giant red flag. We are a people. We are human beings.

Black *people*. Black *person*.

If I see it, you will be blocked on sight and I will suggest others do the same.

We live in a world which is obsessed with going back to normal instead of going forward to something better. Even when normal is terrible.

It's already happening: American cops are interrogating protesters and asking if they are anti-fascist.

Is the authoritarian US police state basically going to make it illegal to be anti-fascist? Then it'll be totally undeniable what the USA is: fascist

RT @Jose_Pagliery
Defense lawyer source: protestors arrested by NYPD are being pulled aside by FBI at precincts & asked about anti-fascist sentiments or connections to antifa.


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Whoever at the times let fucking Tom "I want to murder everyone" Cotton write an op-ed go jump out a fucking window

When you enshrine the Constitution you’re tacitly accepting the fact that a group of deeply reactionary white, wealthy landowners and slaveholders from 250 years ago get to set the terms for every single debate on justice and equality from now until forever.

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