Video game that asks you before character creation if you want to choose your pronouns, and if you select "no" it skips the creator entirely and you have to play as this thing

she got into it on release as a way of connecting with my sisters and i a little more, but now she's a local pokemon kingpin with a small army of machamps and rhyperiors and none of us can keep up with her

my mum has gotten so into pokemon go i just caught her babytalking her giratina (which is her favourite) calling it things like "little girl"

food, bad 

I poke my head back in for the first time in like six months and

cw teeth/body horror

Been doing more drawing lately because of commissions and showing people is always just

Ever have it where looking up the lyrics to a song kinda ruins the feel of it? Like it felt more meaningful when you were only hearing nonsense words, and the actual lyrics just don't live up to that expectation.

the vibeo gamers are having some Very Normal and Well Informed conversations about diversity tonight

time to log off

I don’t have the new pokemon yet but im already in love with this absolute gremlin

Tbh im thinking of switching apps but most of the other ones for iOS arent lookin so hot

anyone else using amaroq having trouble with the follow button? It doesn’t seem to work with users outside my instance.

just to clarify this is not a subtoot, family on facebook is just Like That

Is there a word like shadenfreude, but for someone’s chronically awful takes instead of their misfortune

thinkin about finally coming out to my dad so he’ll stop talking to me and i can have some goddamn peace

currently selling my soul to whomever will take it in exchange for some fuckn sleep

I love being spontaneously granted the energy to fistfight the cosmos itself at 2am after a day of not getting anything done

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