Tbh im thinking of switching apps but most of the other ones for iOS arent lookin so hot

anyone else using amaroq having trouble with the follow button? It doesn’t seem to work with users outside my instance.

just to clarify this is not a subtoot, family on facebook is just Like That

Is there a word like shadenfreude, but for someone’s chronically awful takes instead of their misfortune

thinkin about finally coming out to my dad so he’ll stop talking to me and i can have some goddamn peace

currently selling my soul to whomever will take it in exchange for some fuckn sleep

I love being spontaneously granted the energy to fistfight the cosmos itself at 2am after a day of not getting anything done

inktober’s almost over, I need to catch up by doing 29 speed drawings Right the fuck Now

its 4am and i want to -be- alseep, but i dont want to actually turn over and -try- to sleep i just want it to surprise me

*edits discord message to add keysmash in case i look too serious*

no, i will not stop boosting threads in the wrong order

oh shit the videos two years old i didnt even notice

so asmr advertising is really gonna be a thing that happens now huh

followers keep dropping and leaving me back at 69 and im starting to think its fate

me trying desperately not to beat the joke into the ground

mhw spoilers 

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