furiouscat: it’s like curiouscat but for angry questions only

ass? at this time of year? in this part of the country? localised entirely within your convex underwear?

I just cashed a check at work with the check number of 80085


i think you should just do that thing you’ve been wanting to do

There is 1 good landlord.

and it is the landlord that changed the locks for the church that rents from them when the church planned on continuing in person services.

my "got pepper-sprayed?" advice?

Try to breathe through your mouth and not blow out the mucus that is rapidly forming to protect your sinuses, more than you need to to keep breathing. Mucus is your friend, it is there to help. Let it form that defensive layer over your poor sinus membranes. it'll flush itself out don't worry

panicking and deleting everything so no-one can see me reply 'king! 😎 ' to a selfie of CaliphateMan71 waving an isis flag

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no wait shit this was supposed to be followers only fuck how do i delete post

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reminder that i have an alt @esvrld@isis.town. if you're an isis guy you can follow me there. i follow back :)

being told many of the people here who have more followers than me have them because of their promise to always followback isis guys. not me tho. i would never follow any past or present member of isis back

(realising i forgot to log in to my secret alt for following isis guys back with) oh fuck oh shit

I know everyone's asking these days, but I'm running low on food and could use cash for grocery shopping. If you have a spare $5, I would appreciate it.

Cash: $Lunostophiles
PayPal: lunostophiles@gmail.com

pee* is stored in the balls**

* karmic seeds
** ālāyavijñāna

me, as my lawfully wedded wife shows me her newly constructed medieval torture device: nice rack babe

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