Everyone’s making fun of Biden’s new slogan, but it’s not about the malarkey, and he knows that. It’s about what the malarkey leads to: shenanigans, tomfoolery, maybe even fiddle-faddle. And if you’re not worried about that, you haven’t been paying attention

@ross someone needs to oust the flimflam man in White House. Enough of this poppycock!

@ross we need to stop those super-predators galavanting around town creating a rigamarole!

@ross I wonder how much he had to pay Disney to edit his slogan into the Greedo scene in the new edit of star wars.

@ross personally been fighting malarkey in my town for years. Glad some other people are stepping up

@ross *Yoda voice* malarkey leads to shenanigans, shenanigans lead to hijinks, hijinks lead to mischief, and mischief is the path to the dark side

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