Going to find out about careers in accounting at Costco, which would really synergize well with all of my various forms of posts. Costco pizza posting, accounting posting, gallon size jugs of mayonnaise posting.

Now, wait a second. Why is popeye making a chicken sandwich (month and a half old reference) and not a spinach sandwich? (Kill me)

You all talk a big anti-Italian game, but what are any of you doing to practice anti-Italianism in your daily life?

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Gifted child syndrome is a strain of IBS

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people who buy novelty marijuana themed “BOSTON” shirts at that weird kiosk in the Park Street stop are cryptids.

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where did i go wrong... i lost a friend... somewhere along in the bitterness... RIP kazoo ill never forget about you

Hey anyone remember Kazaa? Extreme Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory vibes on there

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the 5th amendment but for protecting yourself from slurs you may have said on the internet

This article is so brutal. In 2 months we have gone from WeWork being the worlds most valuable company by private investment to:

“WeWork’s bankers are pitching investors on what would be one of the riskiest junk-debt offerings in recent years”


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i love doing home improvement projects with my dad on the weekends and pretending that he's Tim "The Toolman" Taylor and I'm Al Borland

“The beleaguered co-working company is removing 2,300 phone booths from some of its offices in the U.S. and Canada, “due to potentially elevated levels of formaldehyde caused by the manufacturer,” according to an email sent Monday to WeWork customers.” Lol

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Just remembered one time on here I said the Little Caesar mascot was anti-circumcision and someone responded asking me for sources

As a dispassionate observer with absolutely zero information, it’s always nice when your initial measure of a person is proven correct.

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you know who rocks. it's karen. always a lovely presence on the TL

danm, I guess the call it discord for a reason. 🤔

Excuse me, what I meant to say was that my dick’s head is shriveled and jaundiced like a golden raisin.

Food is one of the few places where capitalism actually does what it says on the tin. Many producers making undifferentiated products (wheat is wheat is wheat) for basically no economic profit. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that agriculture is one of the most heavily subsidized (and trade protected) industries. Exposure to the full brunt of market forces is basically unsurvivable.

The Benedict Option is when you get a side of hollandaise sauce

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i've got a slow-cooker in the oven and i left some ball-bearings to simmer on the stove i'm comin home to a delicious home-cooked fire 😋

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