This color I'm designing is going surprisingly well. Like most colors I make it is very shiny but it's the not shiny bits that are important.

what do you get when you cross a joke and a rhetorical question? 

I think you can read Dracula as an early invasion story, but I always read it as a class conflict. You have Count Dracula representing decaying (literally) feudal power attempting to reassert aristocratic privilege and being thwarted by a group of british (and one american) bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie. Arthur Holmwood is admittedly nobility, but the 19th century british gentry derived its power from its participation in capitalism, not feudal rights and powers.

So my players' group name is "The Hong Kong Cavaliers," and the other day one of them sent me a message begging me to include a rival group called something like the "Shanghai Chevaliers". Little did she know that the literal next encounter I had planned was with a merc team called the "Kowloon Corsairs"

you can tell that star trek isn't a utopian future because picard is proud to be french

"A year ago in the midst of the coup in Bolivia, Mayor Patricia Arce was captured, beaten, had paint thrown on her and her hair chopped off, and was paraded through the streets by right wing thugs who wanted to intimidate MAS supporters.

Yesterday, she was elected Senator"

I mean I knew they'd win a fair election, I just didn't expect the "transitional government" to hold one.

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The trolley problem but the group of five people is labeled "the proletariat" and the one person is labeled "bourgeoisie". The lever is labeled "revolution" and the trolley is labeled "the state". The person by the lever is labeled "also the proletariat". One of the rails is labeled "capital" and the other is labeled "labor". There is also a cloud. It is labeled "Hegelianism"

I just watched an episode of a show and the plot felt like they said “What if we did The Battle of Algiers but from the French POV” and now I’m mad

I think the idea of downloading your brain into a computer relies on a conception of the mind that I really disagree with, but also I hate having a physical form so I can't really commit to saying that's bad.

I'm reading Michael Cisco's *The Wretch of the Sun* right now. I don't know what it is about, and I don't think I will, but I think it's creepy and that's what I wanted.

oh ok, she's being interviewed for a podcast. that's better i think?

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