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Hi, I don't know what I'm doing.

Um, I'm a gay physics student in college.

I'm some sort of leftist/anti-capitalist/socialist/communist type?

I like video games, though I don't really have the time to play them. Myst-like puzzle games and JRPGs are my favorites.

I like spooky nonsense. I know too much elder scrolls lore. I collect flags and grimoires. I have a terrible sweet tooth. And I play the viola (poorly).

In conclusion, be my friend.

I got a call for the internship I was really excited about! I'm still really nervous because none of my other internship applications made it this far, but this is the one I was most interested in.

There is a chasm on Charon, a moon of Pluto, named after an anime.

I just realized Garfield is a name that exists outside the cat. There is a baby named Garfield.

I made a new friend but one of my other friends has a crush on her and I really really hope it doesn't go anywhere. When he ends a relationship with somebody he never wants to interact with them again and it makes my friendship with both parties fairly strained.

Honestly I wonder why I bother being friends with straight guys sometimes.

I don't l like the tall things in the woods that emerge at night. the trees don't like them either. they only know one word and it is "HERE"

All the frogs have woken up and are croaking and ribbiting in the stream outside my dorm

My school has far too much whimsy but approximately the correct number of ghosts.

I’m in a shockingly good mood for how poorly my life is going

Actually it was because they exclusively posted weird hentai that made me uncomfortable, but still.

I blocked the first person to follow me here in order to establish dominance

I genuinely and completely adore this song. Rufus Harley was incredible.

My experiment works! Well not "works" it still might be flawed and unusable in any number of ways, but rather it is successfully generating data. This is really exciting for me, I have spent ages on this and was convinced I would never get usable data.

There is a strange irony in the fact that the only paper that has actually helped me is the one that begins with "I will assume you have covered parts of this in your undergraduate class"

Still can't get over the fact that "The Shadow Chancellor" is an official position in multiple governments. Fucking just letting evil wizards in the government like it's no big deal

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My least favorite type of architecture is googie, purely because I don't like saying the name.

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