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Only orcs know what this really is, where we really are

So does anyone know how a flow cytometer works?

The US actually has a long history of going out of its way to fuck over some non western nation while in the midst of some crisis. See the Shimonoseki campaign

In the middle of a pandemic that's killing thousands of its people, the out-of-control US imperial rogue regime escalated its criminal regime-change war on Venezuela to a whole new level, trying to bribe people with $15 million to arrest President Maduro

I'm an accelerationist, but just for mastodon. I want the instance cancellation cycle to increase in frequency until the whole fediverse is nothing but a swirling migration of cyber-nomads, for some reason

I wish I knew people who were into astrology because I have cool signs I think

hardly the biggest issue, but i just started to feel good enough about myself that i was going to try dating again after a year of insecurity

Transhumanism and accelerationism are both things that broadly have two definitions, one of which is absurd and the other being so banal it really doesn’t need a word

i really like physics diagrams that also work as mystical sigils

My dreams are super easy to interpret. It's usually just someone telling me all my anxieties to my face

I went for a walk in the woods today
And I found the following

A pair of
Bright blue boxer briefs
Zesty Italian dressing

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Ecofascism; climate change; COVID-19; pandemic. 

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So the world's ending, so what. You think we haven't seen a world end before? Think we aren't excited for all the ones beginning?

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