I even get royalties. A muffled sob from a stall in an office bathroom? That is a nickel, to me

my fav gorge babe @pisscotheque finally took me to the alexandra & ainsworth estate! it was thrilling to see. the ziggurat sweeps it's way along the railway. I was surprised to see how sober it looked from the front! shouts to all my concrete and plants afficionados, this ones for you

I want to collect more tarot decks. I only have one, and I very much like it but I always think it’s interesting seeing how other decks are designed

I saw a restaurant today called “Father’s Restaurant “ and in seeing it the hair on the back of my neck stood up.


the main function of leftism is to force everyone to become vexillological experts

The only interaction I've ever had with a "famous" person was when a minor scottish noble DM'ed me his Lord of The Rings fanfic

Without Marukhism-Pelin(-El)ism there is no new Skyrim
-King Borgas

You can make quasiparticles out of anything. Sound, rotation, cleverly placed voids... all particles.

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