I’m already scared of this bat, I don’t need ghosts slamming doors or whatever too

Oh my god it actually pooped in the toilet. This would be funny if I didn’t need rabies shots

You know, I *like* bats. Quite a lot. But not inside my bedroom

Just because some starch-slugged glid though it'd only take a femto to arc a theurgic resonance (ken'sup, fucker!) the whole archon-matrix is singing astrological doom patterns into the sephirotic synapses (Tiphereth downward)! How's that for a quark summed henosis?

I just ran into a professor of mine at the laundromat which wasn’t stressful at all

The Wikipedia page for anarcho-capitalism is far too long for how unimportant it is

I found an old Lenin biography in a used bookstore. The first thing it said was how this was a meticulous and objective work. The second thing it talked about was the shape of Lenin's skull.

I am incredibly and deeply furious. I cannot recall the last time I was this mad.

I knew that there was a problem in this town, anyone who payed attention knew, anyone smart could have guessed, but I would never be so fucking pessimistic as to believe that it was *this* bad.


how could we not have realized this before. tux the penguin is linux’s fursona

I like the flag of the Republic of Formosa. The tiger just looks like a really good cat. I want to pet it.

I’m finding Fanon really difficult to read. But in a different way to any other difficult book. I don’t know how to describe it. I worry I can’t get through it.

I'm going to start using the word dialectic a lot, but incorrectly. This way, I annoy people who understand the term, but confuse people trying to learn, thus it becomes a dialectic itself.

Vermont is nice, but it’s a bit weird that to enter you have to swear fealty to “Supreme Senator Sanders and the seven secret stars of socialism”

I guess it’s more convenient than New Hampshire, where they uninstall your car seatbelts when you drive across the border.

Cornwall is short for Cornwales, because like Wales it... wait. This one doesn't work. But it has more corn.

Cornwall is short for Cornwallonia, because like Wallonia, Cornwall is a French speaking region of Belgium, but it has more corn.

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