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Hi, I don't know what I'm doing.

Um, I'm a gay physics student in college.

I'm some sort of leftist/anti-capitalist/socialist/communist type?

I like video games, though I don't really have the time to play them. Myst-like puzzle games and JRPGs are my favorites.

I like spooky nonsense. I know too much elder scrolls lore. I collect flags and grimoires. I have a terrible sweet tooth. And I play the viola (poorly).

In conclusion, be my friend.

I finished reading Walter Rodney's *The Russian Revolution* a week ago and I can't stop thinking about it. There's definitely *something* I want to say about the book, but I'm not clever enough to put it into words.

Someone smart read this book please.

I’m really good at cooking, which is why I have three bandaids on my fingers and why I set the fire alarm off twice today.

One of the biggest flaws of mastodon as a platform is that while trying to craft an alternative to corporate social media it has left intact a lot of the logic that drives them by aping their basic structures.

These folders were all in use too. They all had a ton of work stuff in them. I'm just really confused.

My boss has a file on his computer called BrianG. Inside that is a folder named BG. Inside that is a folder called BrianG. Inside that is a folder named briang. Inside that is a folder named Brian. But his name is John?

I’m apparently incapable of making a meal without hurting myself.

Work ++ 

There is an enormous furry mural in las vegas and I'm disappointed I learned about it in person and not from the internet.

The straight pride flag transcends all satire, it might be the greatest self-own in a generation

Content warning is an anagram for “corn tent waning” so maybe think about that


I finished Bloodborne, and it was a disappointing game.

In honor of Walt Whitman's 200th birthday, here are some fun facts about him 

God, I'm dull. I'm the human form of a toast sandwich. Bots have more personality than me. I'm so boring, I can't even think of a third metaphor.

I've been reading Walter Rodney's 'new' (he died in 1980) book, and while it's good, it has really made me want to read a lot more about Julius Nyerere and Ujamaa in Tanzania instead of the book's subject.

I have had many feelings today, but some of them were good, so I'm going to try and think about those ones maybe

My great-great-great-great grandmother invented the exterior of buildings. I think of her every time I see a roof, or as she would call it "a backwards ceiling"


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