I didn't expect to ever watch a video explaining the left's melancholy by using Squall from FFVIII as a metaphor, but like a quarter of the video was fanon so i thought it was good

didn't bolsonaro already get covid or did i imagine that?

Quote about machine that learned to hear 

I learned about a machine that learned to hear. It didn't used to hear, but then they made it so that it had to or be destroyed and it figured it out. The scientists don't really know exactly how it learned how to hear though, and it isn't scary that machines can learn new senses by unknown mechanisms

Last night I watched The Battle of Algiers, and I genuinely did not know that it was Algerian independence day yesterday

i tried looking up cottagecore and this is just thomas kinkade paintings?

A year ago today I bought Wretched of the Earth. You should read it, I think

Radlibs: voting for Biden is harm reduction
Biden campaign ads: *threatens to nuke an entire region of the world*

the US national anthem sucks. it's boring and lame. every socialist country that has ever existed had a better anthem

Replace one insider for another. Pluto's children are not as ambitious as the black corpse of the sun (though they demand respect still), but vermicular space still remains

I can't believe one of my professors knew Johnny Paul Koroma

your regular reminder that believing Europe is in any way more "civilized" than Asian, African, or Latin American nations is just white supremacy with extra steps

aimé césaire is the greatest french poet of the 20th century

Is there anything more boring than libertarian world building?

cool! I don't know what that means and I'm scared

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