Hi - I live with 2 extremely good gals and a cat with 3 feet named Jerry. We are all Latinx except Jerry, who is a cat (but he meows en Español). Problem: the job I’ve had for the past 2 years laid off a ton of people today. I dodged a bullet but my hours are being reduced. Roommates got unpaid leave, unemployment is jacked, one of them can’t file a claim until she gets her final paycheck. We have enough for rent/utilities for April, but we’re not sure what things are going to look like after that. I’m asking for financial help- anything is much appreciated. Please only give if you can. Money goes to:
1) Food (for humans + cat)
2) Rent / utilities
3) Meds I need for depression and panic disorder
In return, I can offer video editing. I also make glitched-out video mixes (IG@Oliveeronions) and I’d love to make a video for you. Choose whatever songs or footage you’d like!
CashApp $ghosthotel
Venmo @Alec-Garcia-6
Thank you!
:BoostOK: 🇨🇺 :n64: 💙
- @Oliveronions

@Oliveronions is my boyf (# mastoromance) and i miss him so much, haven't held him in far too long, (400 miles+ lockdown fucking sucks) and would very much like for him and his roommates to be ok. he is truly dear to me and if you wouldnt mind boosting this, or doin a money at him + his roommates in this hell-time i would very much appreciate it.
while you're at it, please make him stop being better than me at every single fighting game.
that would be great. thank you

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