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🎵 if you are student who is now forced to live in a pineapple under the sea, JOIN! THE! DIS! CORD! 🎶

Sometimes it's just easier and more helpful to have a study group, a double check, or a place to vent about school. 🖤 I will be adding channels based on subjects you need help with, or that you can help out with. 🖤 I am putting the call out for admins, smarty pants, people who are drowning in HW brain-block, people working from home, or people in shitty situations who need a lil pick me up . 🖤
Got a paper due? don't know what math is? don't know what crosses the proximal joint on the dorsal side of the hallux?
please tell your friends. cmere. we got you.

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
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my FULL attention, proper setting, all that shit and it still takes me THREE times as long to turn in anything and one of the things i turned in was late by over a week. crying at my GPA's grave

hi do you have homework to do but nobody to study with? is your brain scrambled? are you stuck at home? yes, you are. but
we got u. cmere. if you're not a student -- I am sure you have something to teach. either way, we'd love to have you in the community. tell yr friends :BoostOK: ⚡ 🌱 take care

u gotta gotta know
I got it, got it wrong
don't look at me like
i know what’s going on

EC. I also finally finished my fluffy hooded scarf and I'm so pleased. Would anyone want me to make more of these? I'd totally be into selling them. Prolly after, uh, current events tho >. > #sewing #handmade #art

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they'll save every one of us!!!

(jumping up and down, clapping excitedly)
there is HOmEWORK happeniNG on Scholar Dollar!!!! yeeee

@Oliveronions is my boyf (# mastoromance) and i miss him so much, haven't held him in far too long, (400 miles+ lockdown fucking sucks) and would very much like for him and his roommates to be ok. he is truly dear to me and if you wouldnt mind boosting this, or doin a money at him + his roommates in this hell-time i would very much appreciate it.
while you're at it, please make him stop being better than me at every single fighting game.
that would be great. thank you

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Hi - I live with 2 extremely good gals and a cat with 3 feet named Jerry. We are all Latinx except Jerry, who is a cat (but he meows en Español). Problem: the job I’ve had for the past 2 years laid off a ton of people today. I dodged a bullet but my hours are being reduced. Roommates got unpaid leave, unemployment is jacked, one of them can’t file a claim until she gets her final paycheck. We have enough for rent/utilities for April, but we’re not sure what things are going to look like after that. I’m asking for financial help- anything is much appreciated. Please only give if you can. Money goes to:
1) Food (for humans + cat)
2) Rent / utilities
3) Meds I need for depression and panic disorder
In return, I can offer video editing. I also make glitched-out video mixes (IG@Oliveeronions) and I’d love to make a video for you. Choose whatever songs or footage you’d like!
CashApp $ghosthotel
Venmo @Alec-Garcia-6
Thank you!
:BoostOK: 🇨🇺 :n64: 💙
- @Oliveronions

i have taken the opportunity afforded me by my recent unemployment to do something I've wanted to for a long time: i have finally made a makeup instruction video!

it's nowhere near comprehensive, but i tried to make the video something for absolute beginners, so you can watch my routine as i stop and explain what i'm doing for you as i go. it's made especially for trans women like me but it's for anyone who's intimidated by makeup imo

please share!

if you wouldnt blame someone else for having ____ or doing ____, dont blame urself for having ____ or doing ____ either 🖤

God juncos are so fucking cute, I just want to yell, "you are the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!" in every one of their tiny bird faces but the shock would literally kill them so I will not do that

has this ever happened to you
your school goes online and everything is topsy turvy and its hard to care about school yet you are more stressed than you were before?
and the hole in the toilet is only big enough for farts?
don't fret! join 🔥 SCHOLAR DOLLAR 🔥 discord and hook up with other people in the fedi who can encourage u, share resources, proofread n stuff, maybe some language studies, computer science, help with math and chem and bio and all of that.
if you have schoolin' or makin' stuff skills to offer, you are extra super duper invited. also we can just talk and chill.
ok good luck hope to see you there. tell your friends!

really wishing i could give my boyfriend a big hug right now

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