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its about ME! Rou!:
gender: she her girl yo dude hey bro
race: white, baba yaga
sexuality: neutral wet+lawful confused
politics: K.I.S.S, support the vulnerable
mastodon: 3 yrs i mean 42069 yrs
brain: scrambled eggs, disabled forever
skin: acne and scars
face: secret
body: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
soul: dont believe in it
motto: Treat Yourself Like a Best Friend
animalz: 🐍 🐓 🐐
signet: black circle
student: physical therapy
class: ranger/dervish
karaoke: death grips, metric
profession: dogcatbabysitter
art: print, draw, yelling
book: temple grandin, astrid lindgren
artppl: kiki smith, david shrigley
loves: monster design, tussling, songs w/ girls yelling, gentleness, fambly
hates: male tradition, chem 101, drinks that are too hot, dissociating
cannot: go a day without cursing
stuff: perspective is important, when u observe something you are seeing just one facet of a cut gem and if you can mentally rotate it while keeping your truth then it can be more relaxing, the situation can make more sense🌱

be gentle and tender and sweet to everyone who doesnt suck.

v cute artist dropped off his The Cool S snake print and i think my heart hummed a lil tune

Someone needs to get back on the novelty sunglasses track, because these 1950s Paulette Guinet snake glasses are the ultimate (And they sold on eBay for close to $8000, yikes)

ok watchmen whips ass so far i'm scared and need to kick things

floating silently
back to gravity
crush technology
hack reality

when there aren't many vantage points, harris hawks will stack up on each other to look for prey and i think that is not only cool but funny and beautiful actually

something i recommend:
make a ⚡ 💢 TEETH OUT 💢 ⚡ playlist fr yourself. for angry dancing, u know u know u know

formality is for older people
and crying people or
presentations of important work.
politeness is a first line of conduct.
respect is mandatory
unless proven otherwise.
trust is earned.
silliness is a way of life.

someone snitched and my buddy is going down. they got him man :((((

very good buddies. one time they went to go have sex and i accidentally handcuffed my wrist to a bar chair but didn't want to bother them for the key so i just waited politely in his moms kitchen

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